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Comment Re:Mark Cuban: still clueless (Score 1) 89

I agree people don't act as much as we want them to. The thing is that enough people will do something about it to be heard if given motivation from companies they depend on everyday.

Lets take a look at SOPA / PIPA. Because enough people actually contacted their senators and got media attention, legislators thought twice about their stance.

The real question is would FB alone be enough to get people to act and get the media coverage they need to influence the legislators? IMO it's doubtful unless something dramatic happened like a service interruption...

Comment The Solution (Score 2) 147

No doors. When I run my business I want my employees to be ahead of the game. Everything will be open to everyone all the time. There will be no 4 sided objects or anything that even resemble a doorway in fact. My employees will be the best! On an unrelated note, anyone know of an open field for sale in Kansas?

Comment Crunching the numbers (Score 1) 89

500 tons = 453 592.37 kilograms 1 kilogram rice = 2.75 grams proteins (0.00275 kilograms) That means we will need 164,942,680 kilograms (363,636,364 pounds) of this rice to support the current need. With these odds 0.80% worst case is a bit scary... I do find it cool that they've been able to do this but the extraction ratio will need to be more efficient and, dare I say, safer before it becomes useful.

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