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Submission + - Not a Thinkpad 1

An anonymous reader writes: As a very happy Thinkpad T20 user (still working after 7 years) I always planned on replacing it with another Thinkpad T-series. However, Thinkpads are now produced by Lenovo, a Chinese company, and I can't quite bear to buy Chinese while the Burmese military are shooting at monks with the Chinese Government as their biggest backer. Maybe this is silly, as whatever I buy is likely to be made (at least in part) in China... but still, what are my options for something as well built as the Thinkpad T-series?

Submission + - Big Trouble at Opera

Rob writes: Norwegian web browser firm Opera Software has reshuffled its board of directors after a reported power struggle with the CEO and founder Jon Tetzchner. The curtain fell on the axed board members after they had reportedly tried to dislodge Tetzchner as CEO after becoming impatient with the company's weak performance that resulted in its share price nose-diving over 50% in the past year.

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