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Comment: Re:Neat idea, BUT ... (Score 1) 3 3

Thanks for the reply. I'm not a lawyer, but as a ham I have poked around in Parts 2, 15, and 47. The following are just my concerns that might impact your endeavor.

Operating a non-certificated/approved device in the ham bands is one thing - marketing a transmitter of any type is yet another.

If you're going the module route, Part 15.212 puts some pretty stringent limits on what you can do with the module - it has to have the 'unique' antenna connector and must be certified with a particular antenna - "All single or split modular transmitters are approved with an antenna."

Part 15.212 also says that "The modular transmitter must be equipped with either a permanently affixed label or must be capable of electronically displaying its FCC identification number." That implies that it must have an FCC ID number, which implies some level of certification/authorization.

While it's true that hams can use any equipment in the ham bands and are responsible for their signal purity, those that MARKET such devices have more stringent requirements - Part 15.201(b) says that "... all intentional radiators operating under the provisions of this part shall be certificated by the Commission pursuant to the procedures in subpart J of part 2 of this chapter prior to marketing." I'm not sure how close to 'marketing' your kickstarter campaign is - hopefully the FCC doesn't consider it marketing.

If you go the kit route, the waters are even more murky. For a pretty good review of the state of affairs, check out this article on SparkFun.

Good luck - If I were you I would seriously consider consulting someone that's competent to review your situation and give you advice, whether that be a lawyer or RF engineer, or perhaps one of the Certification labs.

Comment: Neat idea, BUT ... (Score 1) 3 3

Please, please, PLEASE do not use this device in the amateur radio bands (or any other band, for that matter) without first obtaining all certifications and licenses that are required by law.

Amateur radio operators are very welcoming to new LEGAL users of the amateur spectrum - they do NOT tolerate pirate/unlicensed activity.

I'm very surprised that the kickstarter campaign doesn't mention FCC compliance testing in their 'known risks' category. Getting an intentional radiator tested and approved/certificated is not a trivial exercise, even if it's sold as a kit. If they intend to leave 'out of band transmit' enabled, they're going to run afoul of a ton of Part 2 and Part 15 rules.

+ - Get started with two nerdy hobbies at once. The HamShield for Arduino!-> 3 3

belial writes: For the past year, Casey Halverson, Morgan Redfield and Nigel Vander Houwen have been working on a not-actually-secret project at Seattle's Metrix Create:Space. The HAMShield for Arduino, a shield that incorporates a SDR and low noise amplifier in the VHF and UHF bands!

In the first 12 hours of it being on Kickstarter, it passed the halfway mark, pretty much guaranteeing its funding. What would you make with one of these if you had one, and how do you think this is going to change the Amateur Radio landscape?

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Comment: Re:bit coin doesn't solve the strategic issue. (Score 1) 358 358

Take the unemployed into government jobs. Forbid utilities from increasing their price (but giving them "subsidies"). In 3 or 4 years Greece will be a FINE place to live. You'll see a lot of expensive cars in the streets, lots of new buildings, overall support for the government. The president will be re-elected with an overwhelming majority. And in 10 to 15 years Greece will be struggling again. How do I know? Because as an Argentinian, this is what i live with every day.

So Argentina "Atlas Shrugged" itself into an unholy mess? Whoda thunk it?

Sounds like the Obama plan - free phones, free healthcare, free money!

Comment: Re:That's good (Score 1) 146 146

I also think it's strange that somehow it's Google's job to remove pages. If the law is enforceable then it should call to remove content from the offending pages. Search engines can be a powerful tool to identify, enforce and provide ongoing governance. I am surprised Google failed to lobby for and monetize this approach which would have been a better outcome all round.

Comment: Re:The future is coming. (Score 1) 214 214

It's advantageous because of the reduced weight of wiring.

The real advantage comes from using electrically-driven valves in IC engines. You can eliminate the camshaft, camshaft bearings and associated holes that penetrate the head, the lifters, rockers, timing gears/chain/belt, etc, and more importantly have infinite variable-valve timing, which is a holy grail of efficiency.

You can also have a much smaller starter motor, as well as smaller alternator (higher voltage but smaller windings due to lower current for the same power output). If you're very clever, you could combine the two into a motor around the perimeter of the flywheel.

In addition, electrically-driven AC starts looking do-able, as well as electrically-driven power steering pumps (already exist - my Mini has it) and water pumps (with this you can eliminate the thermostat - just vary the speed of the pump).

Will all that you could end up with a completely beltless engine with no crank pulley on the front of the motor - the only holes would be for spark plugs and either fuel/air (non direct-injection) or air + direct injection in the heads and the power output shaft out the rear of the block.

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