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Comment: Nothing new (Score 1) 1040 1040

Maybe, the problem is that none of the "new" GUI's are really all that new. I see little more then the current whack a mole interface that has plagued the whole GUI interface from the beginning. The only new interface I have heard of is Apple's Siri.

Comment: Re:As a long time user of 3.7a (Score 1) 366 366

I agree with the statement that Simplicity and speed should always be priority #1. I have switched browsers frequently through the years and always for the same reason. A browser that was faster and whose main goal was to display HTML pages.

I moved to Phoenix because its start time was low and it was simple. At one point I even used the Java Web Browser for the same reason.

However, Firefox has become slower over time. This prompted my switch to chrome. I am sure that I will switch again when chrome becomes too slow (Uzbl or Surf look good)

It would be nice to see Firefox return to its roots.

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