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Comment: Greater-than/Less-than issue (Score 1) 1268

by newgalactic (#33254950) Attached to: US Students Struggle With Understanding of the 'Equal' Sign
For years I struggled with the greater-than/less-than signs because I didn't realize that the limitation of reading it from left-to-right was in effect. I often wondered what would happen if you went from right-to-left, would you have to change it from greater-than to less-than (or vise-versa)? I don't know how, but I was never ever able to convey that question to any teacher well enough for an answer. Nor did they ever explain it so I understood. I was so furious at myself years later when I realized (during a programming class) the simplicity of it.

Comment: This is great news... (Score 1) 302

by newgalactic (#29032329) Attached to: Sensor To Monitor TV Watchers Demoed At Cable Labs
.....For McCain!!!

Seriously though, who will buy this? This is honestly the best news for OTA fans that I can imagine. No one, tech enthusiast or not, is going to be OK with cable companies monitoring them. All this will do is push more and more individuals to Netflix, Hulu, HTPC. Cable companies are on the way out. Dumb-Pipe, here we come.

Comment: Re:Problem solved by Free Market Supply/Demand (Score 1) 539

by newgalactic (#28987405) Attached to: Apple Working On Tech To Detect Purchasers' "Abuse"
Good question. I was referring to the "continuity sensors" that would detect jailbreaking and such. When I first read this, I was thinking of the current state of jailbreaking, which is a software hack. So I assumed the these continuity sensors were software in nature and somehow monitored the install process. But then I remembered that the first attempts at jailbreaking were hardware in nature. That's when I realized that these continuity sensors were in fact hardware related. So yes, my initial statement about installing the software of my own choosing doesn't really apply to this.

Comment: Problem solved by Free Market Supply/Demand (Score 5, Insightful) 539

by newgalactic (#28976317) Attached to: Apple Working On Tech To Detect Purchasers' "Abuse"
They can include whatever sensors they want. And I can buy whatever I want. There's no way I'll buy a smartphone that doesn't allow me to install software of my choice. This walled-garden crap is making me look to the HTC Hero, or whatever new Android phone is on the horizon.

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