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Comment: Re:Chrome 10? (Score 0) 169

by newDzerzhinsky (#35257464) Attached to: Chrome 10 Beta Boosts JavaScript Speed By 64%

I don't know how Chrome development works, but bi-annual releases aren't a very strong sign of agile. I know quite a bit of corporate software on a spring/fall release schedule but are quite traditional all the same.

OK.....And where did the "bi-annual" come from?
Did we not come from a discussion of the fact that in 18 months Chrome has gone from version 2 to version 10?
Even if we accept that 10 isn't released fully yet, 7 releases in 18 months doesn't seem to fit into "bi-annual", but maybe I just forgot how numbers work ;)

Comment: Re:All OSX browsers are really slow here (Score 0) 84

by newDzerzhinsky (#35257448) Attached to: Facebook Develops HTML5 Gaming Benchmark

So? Pretty bloody obvious why it's worth noting: the task is wholly graphical in nature, so obviously hardware acceleration will give IE9 and FF4 an advantage on Windows (and FF4 is not HW accelerated on OS X). So it's kind of a no-brainer why there's a huge discrepancy

Ummm....but what difference does that make to the end results?
That's like saying, "well, of course your car is faster because it's got a turbocharger"...If I wanna go fast, I'll take the one with the turbocharger, not worry about about the mechanics of how it goes fast.
The complaint is only relevant if the turbocharger was available on the other car but wasn't used....Is hardware acceleration for any browsers available on OSX? (genuine question, I really don't know)

Comment: Re:Chrome 10? (Score 0) 169

by newDzerzhinsky (#35252212) Attached to: Chrome 10 Beta Boosts JavaScript Speed By 64%

big company pushing out new releases to a major product as fast as they are

Yeah. They're so great they've caught up with and passed IE (still at v9) in only three years.

I'm not sure if that was a sarcastic reply or not...I suspect it might have been.
However, if it was, I already said that I wasn't sure about the version numbering that they were using.
I am more interested in them proving that you CAN make regular releases and make it work. It's much easier to sell an "agile" development program to people when you have a good example from a well known company.

Comment: Re:instant down mod probably... (Score 0) 86

by newDzerzhinsky (#35252164) Attached to: Sony Unveils First PlayStation Phone

Go for a walk, hang out with friends, get something to eat, heck, even do homework or (gasp!) talk to your parents about life. It's okay, and possibly even healthy, to do non-twitch, non-adrenaline things while out and about each day.

Wow....not sure if you remembered where you were posting or not while I read that.
"Go for a walk"....sounds like you forgot it was /.
"Hang out with friends"....same as above.
"Get something to eat"....Hmmm, might be OK for /., but I doubt most forget to do that one.
"Do homework"....Really? You might be right and I am out of touch, but is /. really inhabited mainly by people who have "homework" these days?
"Talk to your parents about life"....Well, fair enough, assuming the readers can shout loud enough to be heard from the basement.
"Out and about each day"....lmao....Nope, you really did forget you were on /. didn't you? :D

Comment: Re:Chrome 10? (Score 1) 169

by newDzerzhinsky (#35252050) Attached to: Chrome 10 Beta Boosts JavaScript Speed By 64%

Weren't we just on Chrome 1.0 like . . . 18 months ago?

Well, no. Being pedantic, I think that 18 months ago we were actually on Chrome 2.
However, I presume the accuracy of versions wasn't really your point and it was more about the rapid releases.
You could argue whether the fast increase in version numbering is good or bad, but as far as I am concerned, it's great to see a big company pushing out new releases to a major product as fast as they are....

Comment: Re:What about copyright? (Score 0) 286

by newDzerzhinsky (#35105630) Attached to: Free Internet Porn Is Legal, Says California Appeals Court

EARLY 1900s. Before all that radio licensing baloney, and pay-to-play nonsense.

The judge is saying today's redtube (and also youtube) are akin to early Shortwave and AM radio - where companies put-up their goods in hopes people will like it and buy it. i.e. The money is made off the backend, not at the point-of-play.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have wanted the judgement to go the other way, but I'm not sure that comparison holds up very well.

In the early days of radio you got to hear a tune now and then when the radio station played it. If you wanted to hear it any other time you had to go out and buy it, making it a reasonable advertising instrument for the tunes.

How is that similar to a website where you can just dip in and stream something any time you like?

Comment: Re:This all seems kind of wonky (Score 0) 550

by newDzerzhinsky (#34818744) Attached to: Android Passes iPhone In US Market Share

iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 is fair enough. It's pushing too far to make out a variant of memory counts as another model though. And no model earlier than 3GS counts because they don't sell them any more. Market share is how many have been sold in the most recent period. It's not how many have been sold ever.

Did you even read the summary, never mind the article?

It's about how many people, RIGHT NOW, are using a particular phone OS. It's nothing to do with current sales. If someone us using an old, original iPhone, that goes into the iOS count.

Comment: Re:Both are growing, however (Score 0) 550

by newDzerzhinsky (#34818478) Attached to: Android Passes iPhone In US Market Share

Totally agree on the comments about Samsung.

They seem to know what they are doing and make some nice hardware....but maybe not everyone would agree with what I think, and that's what's nice about Android compared to iOS. If I don't like one manufacturer's efforts, I can just go off and buy from someone who I do like the work of.

Comment: Re:What is disturbing about this case (Score 0) 244

by newDzerzhinsky (#34521022) Attached to: Ex-Goldman Sachs Programmer Found Guilty

is the fact that we have apparent non-experts deciding whether what he took was in fact proprietary, and the case is sealed so we cannot judge for ourselves. On the other hand, if what he took was legitimately open source, how comes it he couldn't have downloaded that elsewhere and saved himself a trial?

I might be reading too much into this, but it seems unlikely that the code was open source....If it was, it would surely be simple for his lawyers to prove that.

However, I wonder how much the judgement made by the jury was influenced by his "evil commie" name and ancestry!

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