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Comment: Re:16MB? 1999 called, they want their calculator (Score 1) 313

by neuro-commando (#33901702) Attached to: Casio Unveils New Color Screen Graphing Calculator
I have a graphing calculator app on my Ipod. It's awesome. My teachers are mildly excited by the fact that I'd install an app related to mathematics, but not so thrilled about letting students use their Itouch (read, essentially mini-laptops) during class.

Comment: Legally ok... Morally not. (Score 1) 304

by neuro-commando (#33406076) Attached to: Can an Open Source Map Project Make Money?
Taking the hard-work of the open-source community and making money off it without any acknowledgement or payment to the origin of the product is just immoral, not that it matters much, but it does a great job of making you come off as an asshole. Like was said, Legally Ok. I don't think they're bitching because Microsoft using it, but rather, because Microsoft is taking their hard work and making a profit off it without doing anything in return. In Polish, we have a word for this kind of behavior: Hamstwo (Haamstvo-phonetically). No one's bitching from a legal standpoint, they understand Microsoft is allowed to do this, they're just annoyed at the disregard these people are showing.

Comment: Re:FLEXnet, Adobe's rootkit (Score 1) 429

by neuro-commando (#33405708) Attached to: Some Windows Apps Make GRUB 2 Unbootable
Indeed, I've also heard of other Adobe products doing similar things to GRUB, though I believe they somehow ended up overwriting it altogether. I don't remember the specifics, but it happened to me once. True, no big deal, I popped in Super Grub Disk and repaired my MBR, but its the fact that Adobe has no business there, coupled with the fact that it's annoying which really gets to me.

Comment: Great idea (Score 2, Interesting) 207

by neuro-commando (#33402234) Attached to: Skipping Traditional Recruitment, Going Straight To the Source
I would prefer if browsing stack-overflow and similar sites was the preferred way of finding possible workers, like the article said, it shows a much bigger picture, as well as a person's strengths, and major areas of interest. It sure beats a resume that's designed to make the recruit look like a golden angel, especially because there are bound to be hundreds just like it, finding the right guy is pretty much a "pin resumes to the wall, and throw darts" type of science.

Comment: Re:Tough Call (Score 1) 176

by neuro-commando (#33399690) Attached to: BlackBerry Battle In India Going Down To the Wire

This is simply not a battle they can, or should win. If Indians don't like the way their government treats their privacy, they need to change things themselves.

I agree with you here. The governments concerns do sound legitimate, as far as terrorist groups go, but I'm not sure if it's to the point that they need to strip every blackberry owner of their rights. Personally, I'm all for privacy, and you're right, if the Indians want to have their privacy respected, they need to make a stand and be willing to take the risks associated with it.

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