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Comment: Overdue (Score 4, Insightful) 495

by networkzombie (#47357597) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains
Why is anyone surprised about this? I've been reading articles for over a year about No-IP and the abuse that they seemingly allow. They say they are working hard to stop the malicious software plowing through their service, but obviously they are not working hard enough. No one contacted No-IP to tell them that their service was being used to spread malware?


April 2013:

Sept 2013: No-IP is a preferred choice for other similar attacks for command and control infrastructure:

Feb 2014: Even Cisco said their domains were being abusive and they posted to complain that Cisco didn't contact them.

Looks to me like they should have contacted Microsoft and asked them for help. I guess they waited too long.

Comment: Under the hood (Score 1) 187

by networkzombie (#47152361) Attached to: Windows 8.1 Finally Passes Windows 8 In Market Share
For a site where I imagine everyone uses Bash to complain about a start menu missing is comical. I hated the start menu and I'm glad it's gone. I've replaced all my systems with Windows 8 ever since they added boot to desktop so I could run appliance systems. The improvements they made under the hood make my systems fly. Same with 2012. I suffer at work with multiple monitors on Windows 7 and lack of PowerShell options on Server 2008 R2. I guess I'm the only one who notices the improvements.

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You are oversimplifying it just a bit. It's not just small vs. big. I stopped hosting my personal web site years ago simply because it wasn't critical. That's why most companies have also done so. Providers are getting better as the market expands, but businesses will move to hosted services accordingly, not because some VP of cloud operations says so. Hell, the salesman at the BMW dealership thinks I should drive nothing else, and that I need a new one every six months! You have to consider ROI. Trading a capital expenditure for reoccurring costs can end up costing you more than you bargained for. You also have to consider that moving to the cloud while everyone else is doing it is mob mentality. If you put your ERP in the cloud and it goes down for one single day, how much do you have to pay in overtime for those employees to record everything in Excel only to have to enter it into the ERP system after hours? How does that affect moral? What if they have a VDI. Will they even have Excel? How much does the extra bandwidth cost? Did you go over the SLA with a lawyer? What if your payment is delivered 20 minutes late? Even the electric company doesn't shut you out right away. Will they raise prices? If you crunch the numbers and it works for you, great. I actually get work from companies moving from the cloud because they had no idea it would suck so bad, mostly due to bandwidth costs.

Comment: Re:Recommended browser for old XP machines? (Score 1) 153

You, sir (Ol Olseoc), are what makes forums suck, as not only did you not answer the question, but you inserted you own perverted solution. That said, on an XP system you should install EMET 4.1 ( for Windows XP. It will mitigate this and many other issues. You should not be running Windows XP without it, now that XP is EOL. Also, use a third party Antivirus solution like Kaspersky or NO32. And for the love of Dog, do not use Java, flash, or Adobe %products%.

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That is all fine and I did purchase my Asus router (third one, among others) with Tomato or DD-WRT in mind, but free DDNS providers drop like flies and Asus' DDNS is free and reliable as long as I am using their firmware. My last DD-WRT lasted many years, but a worry-free DDNS is nice also.

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Who visits this site and doesn't already know this? I've been salvaging laptops (for a fee) by putting in SSDs for years. As long as it has SATA, slap one in (sure, they made PATA SSDs but why?). And no, a RAM drive is not the same unless you have external power for the RAM or you never turn you PC off. Disks have been a bottleneck since the invention of the PC. Only now can you have an average PC where the CPU is (sometimes) the largest bottleneck. Next up, you can speed up your computer by removing HPs bloated all-in-one software suite. No shit.

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I use IT Time. Begin with your best estimate of how long the project will take and double it. Add two, and then double it again. That is how long it will take. I cannot remember what colleague I learned this from (an Assembly programmer I think), but is has been fairly accurate (for me) for almost 20 years.

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Bullshit. I've seen plenty of articles like this, and I've worked at many companies that have made the same claims. All of them were bullshit. It is a condescending attempt to re-train employees. There is a Forbes article about this that is more detailed. It shows how they want employees ideas without paying them for those ideas or giving them any credit. My favorite is the quote "It is no longer enough for IT organizations to deliver and operate systems on time and on budget. Now, we must deliver competitive advantages". Well, you could knock me over with a feather. I didn't know that I should be delivering competitive advantages. I thought you were lucky if I got your email working. How about if a few Direct TV employees chime in and comment on what was in these videos that became the awesome F12 game that stirred competition between employees and increased productivity, or to quote, how management addressed your "fear of failure." I'm sure all that showed an increase in productivity earned a raise in salary.

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I have my OS on a Plextor SSD and most everything else on the new Seagate 2TB SSHD. It works pretty well. If I need something to start up very quickly I put it on the SSD which still has 100GeeBees free. Boot time is about 4 seconds, but I sleep or hibernate, which is a 1 second startup. Why not use this as a secondary disk? It was like $15 more.

Comment: hack it like an iphone (Score -1) 351

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Don't be wimps. Get the model number of the equipment, research how it works, and circumvent. The hard part is keeping the circumvention from management, unless they are participants. I enjoy modern tech. Old school tech like video cameras are tricky. It always raises suspicion when employees are clocking in wearing gorilla masks. One position I had used special encrypted key chain tokens to open the doors, which also clocked you in. Nice, but after a few weeks of trials I found the encryption was not so tough. I could copy other IDs as they walked by in the pub. It was as difficult as those smart cards they use instead of quarters at the laundry. I had $2,000 on my laundry card to make sure it didn't run out.

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Text adventure games were cool, but I want this to be much more of a visual game as opposed to a puzzle game. The amazing graphics high-end gaming systems can do are wasted on FPSs. It's hard to enjoy anything when the bad guys won't stop shooting at you. I want a fully immersive game without all the adrenaline.

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