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Comment Cost of making binders (Score 1) 372

Think of how much they are going to save now that they don't have to produce the binders. I'm sure that it costs a lot to produce 35 pounds of paper materials. And how often do they have to reproduce them. It will cost less then the price of the iPads in a few years.

Comment Do we know how to drive on it? (Score 1) 992

Do we understand how to dive on a road with a higher speed limit? I think that the rule of stay right, pass left is much more important with speeds like this. Another question I have is, are the on and off ramps long enough to allow drivers to get to a speed where merging would be safe? I hate it when drivers try to merge on to a road with 70 MPH limit only going 50.

Comment Kinda like flying (Score 1) 149

Wasn't this whole situation kinda like flying. During take off and landing you are required to turn off all electronic devices, including your cellphones. The reason for this is to prevent interference with the plane's electronics, which could be life threatening. If their goal was to prevent deadly riots I believe that they are within their rights to turn off a service.

If BART really wanted to they could end the contracts with the communication companies and then you wouldn't be able to use your cellphones down there anyways.

Comment This needs some research (Score 1) 321

This is kinda intriguing to me. I wonder where the technology is going to be in the next 5 years.

Also there are a lot of claims being made on this tread that are in favor, against, and for alternatives. I really think that we need to be posting links not only to educate ourselves and others but also to help our future parents make the proper choice for their child and their family.

Comment Re:Why wait? (Score 1) 115

I think that its astonishing that has made a big impact on our lives and hardly no one know how they work. I know the work on magnets, (some kind of magic) but other then that I have no clue how they work. I thought that the time that they take was simply because of a hardware limitation. If you want a better image then they take longer.

Thank you for you insight

Comment Im letting the market decide (Score 1) 182

But I do think that there is going to be a need of goverment regulations over the whole wireless telecommunication industries. Since there are so few suppliers in the industry I would predict that prices would go up without regulations. Its kinda like getting your power. You really don't have a choice on who you get your power from so the goverment regulates them.

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