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Comment: What about human perception. (Score 1) 412

by nerdofthunder (#30478380) Attached to: BBC Lowers HDTV Bitrate; Users Notice
I imagine its possible that a newer compression system could better choose what data was eliminated (while using the same compression format) based on a better understanding of how a human would perceive the outcome. Clearly, if this was the idea behind new compression settings, it did not work at the bit-rates the BBC tried. Not all compression systems (even ones that use the same format of compression) are created equal.

Comment: I worked for them... (Score 3, Interesting) 249

by nerdofthunder (#27889671) Attached to: More Fake Journals From Elsevier
I spent a few weeks working for them at one of their warehouses. In the employee manual there were dates for Christmas, and Christmas Eve. The dates were the 25 and 26 respectively. If they can't even get the dates for Christmas right at a text book publisher, I don't want to know what else they fail at.

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