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Comment Cloud hosting (Score 4, Interesting) 224

I know it is the usual thing to hate on slashdot, but Solaris combined with cloud hosting works wonders for our company. It's generally much more easier to deploy than Linux based distros, and comes with extra performance. Our sites usually have a stable amount of traffic, but sometimes it peaks, and those are the times we really want the website to perform well. Solaris+Cloud hosting is perfect for that. As fallback, we have Azure, which also performs really good, but it requires extra work as it's different platform. But generally, scalable cloud hosting really is good for hosting big traffic sites.

Comment Re:Sucks to be you! (Score 4, Insightful) 516

I enjoy coding greatly. But even before I started working, I saw that coding for work will ruin the fun for me. So I got a job in related industry where I can greatly use my coding experience in my advantage, but isn't really about coding. It's like with game testers - if you test games for living, it will take the fun of playing any games from you. Now I work in other industry, but I'm a really handy guy around (both for others, and for myself) because of my extra ability to code, suggest things about computer security and everything else IT-related. This not only ensures I don't ruin the fun from coding, but makes me more valuable to any company (as per the extra stuff I can do) and I find work generally more interesting.

Comment Re:In other words, (Score 2) 220

After playing for 20 minutes I was bored. Really, how does this compare to a truly great game? The fact that it is fun and caught on is about as important as Tetris. You aren't a world-minded guru because you do it better than someone else. And jealousy generated from my corner of the room is zilch.

It's not made to compete with traditional PC or console games. It's made for mobile phones, and for those it's an excellent game. You can launch it quickly, the levels don't really take that long to play (great for quickly playing with phone when you're waiting for something) and the physics make it fun. I can't really think of other mobile phone games which would be more fun and suiting. Maybe some tower defense games, but those aren't as quick to play as levels take a long time. You basically need to pause the game and later continue from where you left.

Comment Re:The inevitable comparison, so let's get it over (Score 1) 201

Maybe the problem is in your own closed mindset. I play all kinds of games, they're all great in their own ways. Only genre I don't find interesting is platforms, but I don't bash those who do. So loosen it up a bit and try different things (not just with games), you come out as really bitter and angry guy.

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