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Comment: Re:Tortious Interference (Score 1) 126

by neoform (#49447599) Attached to: Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews

Define "paid review" please.

If you review movies on a tv show, you're paid by your advertisers, a lot of whom will be movie production companies showing trailers for their movies...

It's easy to see the correlation these fake amazon reviews have to their bankrollers, but there's a lot of existing gray area in the entire "review" industry, and people seem mostly ok with them.

Comment: Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 1) 176

by neoform (#49391023) Attached to: Chinese Certificate Authority CNNIC Is Dropped From Google Products

>Doesn't that make you feel warm, fuzzy, and secure, knowing that the fine folks at that establishment could issue a fraudulent certificate for any website in the world?

I was under the impression that the CA only gets used for verification *if* the site's cert claims to be from that CA.

Comment: Re: Nosedive (Score 1) 598

by neoform (#48747409) Attached to: Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

Taste? In order to do anything in 10.0 you needed to run OS9 emulation via rosetta. What's the point of OSX if everything I need only runs in OS9?

Besides 10.0 being incredibly slow compared to OS9, it also had almost no capabilities. IMO 10.0 was an alpha release, 10.1 was beta and 10.2 was an RC. 10.3 was the actual release.

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