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Comment: Re:Why Apple won't tolerate Quo (Score 1) 296

by neildiamond (#28150877) Attached to: New Mac Clone Maker 'Quo' To Open Retail Store
Yes, but aren't they more of an iPod company now anyway? I really think the fear of clones (despite past experience) is kinda silly at this point. If Bill is right about one thing that Steve J. isn't, it is that it is the software the really matters. If OS X is really that much better than Windows, let's have a fair fight. I'm not going to buy an overpriced Mac to make myself feel better. I want a stable Unix-like OS that doesn't get in my way. However, every time I try a Mac, the lack of rt. click options annoys the hell out of me (among other things). I feel that if I had time to really learn to appreciate it, I could come to appreciate it. I'm not going to pay a ton of money for a reasonably spec-ed PC.

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