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Comment: nonsense replies (Score 0) 523

by negrace (#38189580) Attached to: How Does a Self-Taught Computer Geek Get Hired?
Gosh, so many nonsense replies here... The way to get a job is to apply for jobs! Once you get an interview (might take a while), they will see you are good, and you will be hired. My wife is a biologist, she had an empty resume saying "wanna be a developer", and she got her first job in no time. And that was during the crisis.

+ - A phone for a Linux geek?

Submitted by negrace
negrace (984807) writes "Hi, is there a good phone that Slashdot can recommend for a Linux geek? Specifically, I am looking for the following functionality:

1) ability to synchronize address book, calendar and tasks between the phone and Thunderbird+Lightning. This should be done without any information leaving my computer. So anything that requires me to send my info to "a nice company" is not an accepted solution. I do not mind having an extra step of syncing in between. Like phone — Kontact — Thunderbird is fine. No Windows or Windows mobile, obviously.

2) the phone should be able to record my calls and then save them to the computer.

3) Price is not an issue, but the phone should come unlocked.

4) Ideally, the syncing software should be open-source and provided by the phone manifacturer. OK, this is just pure day dreaming, I know, but this is 2010 already, for crying out loud."

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