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Comment Evolutionary (Score 1) 103

And I mean my subject literally. This is precisely how we ended up with mitochondria and much of the junk DNA in our genome. Some foreign invader played the long game so well that it just became part of the organism.

It will be interesting to see if we get to a point where the malware is so useful, that instead of cleaning it out we just find a way to keep the good parts.

Comment Re:Better than skipping them (Score 1) 529

My school board had this, it was called the P.A.C.E. program (I think I was told what the acronym meant once in my life). Only thing was it was only at one school. Every gifted kid in the entire board (which was large area wise) was bussed to the one school. Which was great, class of 20-30 kids for each grade from 5-8 all learning at an accelerated rate. The program continued in high school although it was individual classes as opposed to the entire program.
It was great except for the social aspect outside of school. Since everyone was from different parts of the region we lived far away from each other. In my case my best friend was a long distance call.

The program was good though because we weren't too far ahead of our peers. We spent quite a bit of time expanding the breadth of our learning. One of my teachers said it best: "With a standard lesson we explain how the thermometer works. With the gifted classes we'd build one."

Comment Simulate Gravity (Score 1) 267

Perhaps the simplest approach would be to simulate gravity for a period of time. A small single person centrifuge used by each astronaut for about an hour a day might counter-act most of the gravity related problems. Radiation just requires sheilding. At first just thick walls, but later a generated magnetic field could handle the charged particles, surfaces reflective to the most dangerous EM radiation could also be developed.

These issues will be surmounted, just like long distance ocean travel was overcome, so will space travel.

Comment Re:Why don't they know? (Score 1) 365

Why are the workers on the assembly line speaking to anyone about the design of the car. The engineers who design or maintain the plant should be speaking to the artists and engineers who designed the car.

So the engineers who know how to deisgn chips should be speaking to the programmers who made the algorithm. If those engineers are unable to translate an algorithm into silicon I'd be very worried about that company.

Comment Re:Patients Lie (Score 1) 231

Ask for a 2nd opinion. Although the Gyno is a speciallist and must be referred to by her GP, the Gyno is required to honour your request for another opinion and make a referral for you to another gyno. Canada won't stop you from seeing the doctor of your choice, but if you want the gov't to pay for it you need to have a good reason for seeing someone other than a GP, hense the referral. Also you can always contact a specialist to get an appt. without a referral and pay cash, however that is a the discresion of the specialist (they often won't make any appt without a referral in order to avoid wasting their time)

Comment I don't fight them (Score 1) 353

I don't fight usage caps, rather I spend my money on an ISP that has reasonable caps.

Data ain't free. The ISP has to spend money to send your data down the tubes and it's usually not an unlimited option for them either. My last ISP gave me 300 GB/mth with unlimited between 1am and 6am. I feel that's fair even without the unlimited overnights.

There's only a fight if ALL the ISPs in your area are gouging in regards to caps. Such is the case here in my new home of Whitehorse, Yukon. The local telco just recently had it's monopoly broken so costs are outrageously high and caps are very low.

Comment Re:Great country you have over there (Score 1) 771

The US is too big to ever be free again. Allowing the freedoms that the founding fathers wanted would jeopardize it's place as the controlling superpower. The people could fight, they would be crushed. By force and by propaganda. China already does it and they are growing by leaps and bounds.

It's sad but it's true, the bill of rights is a hindrance to big business, especially international big business.

Much like Rome started by dumping it's kings and creating a republic, so too is the Pax Americana, and it is coming to the down slope. Everything will slowly change, as things did under Ceasar and Augustus to the point where the original ideals are but figureheads and then it will collapse on itself.

The best you can do is promote freedom, speak your mind and try to keep them from taking your rights away. Live life as you feel you should with the freedoms you feel you should have. Deal with the consequences as they come.

Comment Re: Good Question (Score 5, Interesting) 655

Horse is a reserve food. Taste is secondary to usefulness. A horse can do a large amount of work, they are more useful on the yoke than on the table. Same with dog. Dogs are more useful as a work animal than a food animal. Cows, not so much. I can't think of too many situations where a cow would be best suited as a work animal. So we eat cows, same with most kinds of pig. Over time the cost benefit gets melded with some of the cultures and you get a social taboo.

Comment New Cold War (Score 3, Insightful) 410

The new cold war will be electronic and China has already proven that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to stay ahead there.

This isn't racism, this is a forward looking policy that's saying when, not if but when, we start finding Chinese backdoors in our equipment, they won't be in our sensitive areas.

The down side is that even if our equipment says made in the USA, it means assembled. Most of the parts will have been manufactured in China.

Comment Contact your client (Score 1) 480

Contact your old client and discuss the situation. Make sure you go above the web developers head. Don't try and rock the boat too much, it is their code, but explain the trouble it has given you for your portfolio and that you would like some credit as well if they are going to put specific names in the copyright notice.

People are reasonable and you're not asking for anything that will affect their bottom line or reveal any confidential info. Just be reasonable yourself about it.

Comment Re:Contempt of Court (Score 1) 768

But that is not established until conviction or aquittal. Before that, the law treats him as an innocent suspected of guilt, which put all burden of proof on the state. He doesn't have to say anything at all to them, they have to do all the work. If his drives are encrypted, they need to crack it or find his password from somewhere other than his head

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