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Comment Re:at $15 a gig in overages they will pay off the (Score 1) 103

A HUGE amount of Americans have absoloutely no idea in any level of how expensive and difficult it is to maintain a quality, low to mid bandwidth cellphone network, no CONCEPT at all.

I've been seeing angry fist shaking posts about it for over a decade, "they have the audacity to charge me more than $10 for unlimited data!?!?!!?" kind of ridiculous bullshit.

Obviously companies will try to squeeze you where they can but the amount of dumb shit people do on their phone in the US is mind boggling. I'm surprised ATT is making any money with the grandfathered iPhone unlimited plans just milking many MANY gbs a month of data across their network

They seem to think that it's exactly the same as a cabled network (fibre / dsl) for maintenance and upgrades, no goddamn idea.

While I do agree with you that unlimited data needed to go away I think the big issue was how they removed it. They put up limits of around 1 or 2 GB at the same price as what people did pay for unlimited and acted like we should be grateful. They should have offered something reasonable for that price and not a slap in the face which is what it felt like. As someone who used very little data typically between 1 and 2 GB per month on unlimited the new plans became more expensive for a lot less service.

Yes I know many people fully utilized the unlimited plan that was a remnant from when speeds were slower but they hurt everyone that had an unlimited plan with such a drastic change and left a bad taste.

Comment Re:Painting yourself into a corner (Score 1) 264

Caps don't help with network congestion. They only make network usage more uneven: People use the internet less when they need it least and don't change their usage when they really need or want to use the internet, which is at the same time for almost all people. Consequently, caps reduce usage off-peak and don't help with on-peak congestion.

Caps serve two purposes: They are a method of market segmentation and they make certain network dependent services unattractive. Comcast is a cable operator, and the biggest consumer of bandwidth is video streaming. You figure it out.

This is 100% right. I live in Maryland and we have Verizon Fios and Comcast. I switched to Fios as soon as it was available but I have some neighbors that are still on Comcast and they always complain that the service is unusable from 6PM to around 9PM. This is when everyone comes home from work and gets online. They didn't put in enough capacity to handle all the people so it grinds to a stop when people want to use it. This will not be fixed with caps because that is when people are home!

I saw a slow down when I was on Comcast and once I switched to Fios I never looked back! Heck I even download from Steam servers at my max download speed of 55Mbit and upload nearly as quickly when sending videos to YouTube.

Comment Re:The car is great to drive, but... (Score 1) 222

I always wondered how the door handles would work after an ice storm or freezing rain. I've dealt with my share of frozen car door locks, but at least I could get the handle to move. I think the touch screen console was a big mistake. You need to be able to manage things like climate settings, radio stations, etc. by touch. Forcing the drive to look at a screen for mundane things was a bad idea. I don't own a Tesla, partly because they are so new and I don't like the design elements I mentioned. But I have driven one. There are very few other cars that are as much fun to drive.

This is what I like about Ford vehicles they have the options in the touch screen but also have regular buttons and knobs that can do the same thing. I never use the touch screen to adjust the temp or fans as I feel the buttons are faster and require less thought. Oh and I agree about the Tesla really nice car to drive and a lot of nice elements but I found the interior to be minimalist which doesn't work when you have kids I felt.

Comment Re:There is a reason that they circumvented... (Score 1) 230

I think you failed to realize that he was speaking of fuel-cell electric propulsion vehicles, when mentioning hydrogen power. The kind of equipment that blew up in Apollo 13, but much perfected ever since. Toyota now sells a series produced fuel-cell engined car called Mirai, but it has a very ugly body. Rumor says they are working on a re-body, codenamed Miku that has acceptable looks for the euro-atlantic market. On the other hand, battery-electric powered vehicles are really silly. The whole Earth would need to be mined into Moon or Mars to obtain enough material for a large-scale conversion from internal combustion to batteries. In contrast, the Mirai's fuel cell only needs a few kilos of steel and some 2oz of platinum, which is very little (albeit very expensive).

I did not fail to realize this what I'm saying is that if you believe hydrogen power is the way via Fuel Cell then having electric vehicles now would help the auto industry move toward electrifying cars which will help as then you have electric components ready to go for when/if hydrogen becomes capable.

I own an electric vehicle and realize they are not for everyone but saying we are going to jump from gas to hydrogen is ridiculous as the big issues with hydrogen are storage, infrastructure, and creation. I believe these can be overcome but electric vehicles are a stop gap until that happens and will also help develop better internals for electric vehicles no matter how they are powered.

Comment Re:There is a reason that they circumvented... (Score 2) 230

Silly, I am talking about hydrogen powered combustion engines, they produce more power than a gasoline engine.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong but it appears the Wiki shows the Hydrogen version made less power by almost 50% when compared to running on gas (80kW on hydrogen vs 154kW on gas).

Comment Re:There is a reason that they circumvented... (Score 1) 230

Because the EPA requirements are zealous, and makes producing a diesel vehicle unviable. The funny thing is electric cars are the real unviable vehicles, hydrogen powered vehicles are the best idea, only waste they produce from the combustion of hydrogen is water.

If you believe Hydrogen powered vehicles are the future then you should really be pushing for electric vehicles. Why because hydrogen powered vehicles will produce electricity and not be burned like current gas vehicles. This means any findings we have with electric vehicles will directly apply to hydrogen vehicles.

In fact when Chevy started building the first Volt they borrowed a lot of information that was produced by the team working on a hydrogen vehicle and used that to help build the Volt.

Comment Re:More EVs are welcome, but... (Score 1) 230

VW need to contribute to infrastructure in countries where they are sold. For example, in the UK most of the rapid charger network was paid for by Nissan, and a lesser number by Renault. Other EV and PHEV manufacturers like BMW, VW, Mitsubishi, Vauxhall, Toyota and the rest contributed next to nothing, and we badly need more infrastructure to support their vehicles.

I agree but I think all the manufacturers should get involved in this and I'm surprised more shopping areas have not started to install charging units. I know in my area (Maryland) I shop at Mom's Organic Market simply because they have charging stations for when I'm shopping. Also as I have an electric car it has to be new meaning I should have money to shop. This seems like the perfect time to install them as electric car owners have funds to spend.

Comment Cross Blue (Score 1) 230

I think Volkswagen should really pursue the Cross Blue concept they unveiled years ago. This would be a seven passenger SUV with a diesel generator for the electric motor with plug-in-hybrid capabilities. This would be similar to the Mitsubishi vehicle which is selling so many they still have not been able to bring it to the US. They should move in this direction where they use the diesel engines as the generator instead of the direct drive model. I would think a diesel engine run at a specific RPM would be able to pass emissions testing as they could then run it specifically for lower emissions.

Comment Comment from an electric car owner (Score 1) 554

First I own an electric car (Ford Focus Electric). I'm not wealthy but when gas was high I leased one before the cost of the lease and insurance would be less than my monthly fuel cost in my 2005 SUV. My company also just installed chargers so I had free electricity from my office.

We had some issues at work when we only had two spaces for 3 fully electric vehicles and 1 plug in hybrid. We talk on our internal communication tool to try and move so everyone can charge. The real issue is while my vehicle can charge in 3 hours from empty two of the vehicles took 7 hours as they did not have 6.6kwh onboard chargers. The plug in hybrid also could charge in about an hour (Prius plug in) and as they could make it home without charging it was rather upsetting to those who might need the charge to get home. This did cause some issues and made us group together into those that switch spots. I volunteered to plug in during the afternoon and the other two full EVs plugged in during the morning. We kicked the Prius to using a regular outlet as he could easily charge off of that. This worked until they added two more charging spots which allowed us all to plug in. I can understand people being upset even if it costs money because some could not get home without plugging in.

Right now with how things are I really think any vehicle that is full EV should always get the plug and if a plug in hybrid is there you should be allowed to unplug them. Why because those with an EV might not be able to get home where as the car with an engine could even if it costs more money. Also I really think we need 6.6kwh chargers in all the cars 3.3kwh takes too long to share spots in many cases because of how slow they are. Last would be adding more spaces to deal with demand!!

My vehicle was a test and while I love having an electric vehicle and hardly ever getting gas (I still have an SUV for long trips) I'm not sure I will be getting another one until the range is better, 80 miles can go quick and when it is cold out that turns into 50 miles of range which I wasn't aware of when I leased the car.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 423

Google absolutely did want all the data set back to their data center. Porsche clearly states this.

Hmm this is interesting because my biggest complaint with this would be how much data does this use? Sending data like this frequently would probably start to add up and I would think that could open up Google to complaints/lawsuits from using more data than necessary.

Comment Re:18 billion dollars, good luck with that (Score 1) 301

$18 billion is a ridiculously high fine. Has any company been charged such an amount? This is not a fine, it's more like a company death sentence. VW made $14 billion profit in 2014, so no way can they afford or are liable for something as high as $18 billion for one error.

The cars involved in this where created for a few years not just one so yes it would make sense to have a fine that is rather large and would convince other companies that this would be a bad idea to circumvent testing in the future.

Also whatever the government fines them might be small compared to what the consumers who purchased these vehicles could do as they entered into a contract where the selling party was committing fraud. That could easily outstrip the fine with how much they will be dragged into court.

Comment Re:so when (Score 5, Interesting) 367

Only if eBay is telling you what computer to use, when to use it , when you can list and what you can charge. Oh and they can dictate that you are not allowed to use competitive services while listing an item on their site. Not sure how Facebook and YouTube fit into this as they are services that you use for free via advertising.

Comment Re:Youtube (Score 1) 394

I still haven't gone to the effort to block these on my TV. But normally it was 4 or 5 seconds before I could skip them, which was usually before you even knew what the ad was about. But the last week I've seen a few that refuse to let me skip the ads, AND the ads were entirely unrelated to the content as well. Screw em. Let youtube go back to being free with no one making money from them, hobbyists only with no youtube pros. Sorry PewDiePie, you need a real job.

I have to say my favorite is when I brought up a trailer for a kids movie on YouTube and before that it played an advertisement for some horror movie. Yes you heard that right before watching a trailer for a kids movie they showed a movie that made my 5 year old scared because I couldn't skip it for 5 SECONDS.

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