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Comment: We dont have anyone else to talk to.... (Score 1) 785

by navtal (#34805416) Attached to: Should Dolphins Be Treated As Non-Human Persons?
Finding a non-human intelligence to converse with on our own planet....priceless. I cant think of anything more important that we could do with dolphins then learn to communicate with them. Chimps to. We have a whole planet to screw up. Surely we can spare a couple of species for conversation......

Can the Ares Program Be Salvaged? 245

Posted by timothy
from the classic-special-interest dept.
MarkWhittington writes "The Augustine Commission has not officially presented its findings to the White House, but already a push back is starting to occur over the possibility that the Ares 1 rocket will be canceled after three billion dollars and over four years of development. According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel contractors involved in the development of the Ares 1 have started a quiet but persistent public relations campaign to save the Ares 1, criticized in some quarters because of cost and technical problems."

Comment: Why do you think it's Netflix? Maybe it's you ISP (Score 1) 207

by navtal (#27198283) Attached to: Netflix Throttling Instant Video Streaming
Why do you think it's Netflix? Maybe it's you ISP? This problem started for me when Comcast took over my local ISP. At the same time as the switch over there was a rush of people who brought in their computer for repair or upgrade because their internet connection was acting funny. When i finally complained enough they sent out a technition who told me they had installed allot of new software. Is /. trolling?

Comment: not a good idea even for fighting terrorism (Score 1) 597

by navtal (#27072473) Attached to: Calif. Politican Thinks Blurred Online Maps Would Deter Terrorists
This would allow a clever terrorist to find any number of targets very quickly. And if they were silly enough to do something like add unique identifiers to what they blur based on value(like an increased bluryness or size of blur) it would be even more helpful in mapping out high value targets and maximum damage scenarios. But this is a politician so by default his motive feels suspect.

Comment: Golden Goose (Score 1) 485

by navtal (#26873801) Attached to: New York Wants To Tax Internet Downloads
I am reminded of the story about the goose that laid the golden egg. Setting any kind of state wide per bit tax would drive companies away that use the internet to deliver a product witch the states already tax unless all of the states got together and did this at once. In which case the heart of the internet would be driven further from U.S.

Comment: Yes (Score 1) 338

by navtal (#26191565) Attached to: Are Newspapers Doomed?
It would be terrible to loose all these papers that reprint Associated Press stories and push the agenda of the rulers on their readership. death to any system that relies on controlling the distribution system rather then offering a better product.

+ - SPAM: Spacecraft shoots for the Sun

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "The European Space Agency and NASA joint spacecraft Ulysses will this week fly by the Sun taking pictures of its North Pole and looking to address some major scientific mysteries. Launched in Oct. 1990 from the space shuttle Discovery, Ulysses has flown over the sun's poles three times before in 1994-95, 2000-01 and 2007. Each flyby revealed something interesting and mysterious, but this one may be most interesting of all. For example, previous flybys registered the temperature of the Sun's poles. In the previous solar cycle, the magnetic North Pole was about 80,000 degrees or 8% cooler than the south. Why should there be a difference? No one knows. [spam URL stripped]"
Link to Original Source

+ - NASA unveils Hubble's successor

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "NASA has unveiled a model of a space telescope intended to replace the ageing Hubble telescope with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). A full-scale model is being displayed outside the NASA museum in Washington DC. The $4.5bn (£2.27bn) telescope will be shaded from sunlight by a shield, enabling it to stay cold, increasing its sensitivity to infrared radiation, take up a position some 1.5 million km (930,000 miles) from Earth, and will measure 24m (80ft) long by 12m (40ft) high, and incorporate a hexagonal mirror 6.5m (21.3ft) in diameter, almost three times the size of Hubble's."

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