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Comment: I like this logic (Score 1) 186

by naturalog (#37658576) Attached to: A Few Million Monkeys Finish Recreating Shakespeare's Works
If this counts as 'monkey analogs' writing Shakespeare, I should start keeping a list of words I say. Then when any new book comes out, if it can be written using only words I've previously generated, but not necessarily the same order, then I wrote the book. Only Dr. Seuss will be safe from my litigation.

Comment: Re:math (Score 1) 241

by naturalog (#37580946) Attached to: How often do you put pen to paper?
I've always wondered if it would be difficult to make a voice recognition program integrate mathematical symbols. Even though those symbols exist as a shorthand, fields with underdeveloped notation can be a little cumbersome for writing. Anyone who can make my pen obsolete by accomplishing this can claim it as a prize.

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