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Comment: Re:Bad call (Score 1, Interesting) 611

by nattt (#45851655) Attached to: Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham

You know, if you posit a magically all-powerful being, and have a good imagination, you can reconcile any discrepancy you find and make any story, no matter how contradictory to reality or itself, "make sense".

That said, you're obviously a poe. Nicely done. They style and content are excellent.

Comment: Re:Lies (Score 5, Informative) 1264

by nattt (#41158483) Attached to: US Doctors Back Circumcision

Penile cancer rates are not zero among circumcised and it's such a none issue as it's also incredibly rare among the un-circumcised too. The recent HIV studies are very poor, and quite frankly, bad science (the circed men were given condoms and extra counciling the others did not, and the study was cut short, thus skewing the data as there was a good period where the circed men had to heal up before engaging in sexual activity).

Comment: Re:Sauce for the goose (Score 4, Informative) 528

by nattt (#38583802) Attached to: US Survey Shows Piracy Common and Accepted

Absolutely the "slap on the wrist" in Canada shows that it's cheaper to steal millions of songs and make vast amounts of profit from them, than to steal 22 songs or whatever and just listen to them. Of course, private copying is still legal in Canada, and that is done by stealing money from photographers and computer programmers and anyone who has backed up their files to a burned CD.

Comment: Re:How do you determine healthy food? (Score 1) 455

by nattt (#38517920) Attached to: IBM Granted Your-Paychecks-Are-What-You-Eat Patent

Well, yes there is because they're uniquely addictive, and encourage over-eating. While it's hard to over-eat on just high fat and protein - you feel full quickly and don't get those "snacking" urges between meals, you do with carbs, especially wheat. For a person with a healthy metabolism that hasn't been damaged, indeed you can consume a fair number of carbs. The problem is that so many of us no longer have such a metabolism due to the vast over-consumption of carbs (fructose is probably one of the main gotchas, along with wheat). Our bodies now react rather differently to carb intake.

"we're taking in more calories then we're using... and thus getting fat" - to say that helps not at all. What we need to know is "why" - why are our bodies that normally self-regulate so well, getting our energy consumption so wrong. Address that issue, and you'll get to the bottom of things quickly.

Comment: Re:Loss of (or difference in) color fidelity? (Score 1) 227

by nattt (#37727032) Attached to: Soon, No More Film Movie Cameras

Typical motion picture film stock maxes out at around 14.5 stops of dynamic range. Any camera that shows a greater DR will hold the scene better. Film is also relatively noisy (grain) in the shadows meaning you get much better low light performance with a quality digital cinema camera. Good digital has already outdone 35mm film in terms of measured resolution and noise performance. It's just starting to take over on dynamic range.

Quantization is a non-issue because that is in film, grain limited and digital has been less noisy (it's equivalent to grain) for quite a while, hence the better low light performance.

Comment: Re:Special offer (Score 4, Informative) 227

by nattt (#37724446) Attached to: Soon, No More Film Movie Cameras

No, good 35mm motion picture film stock like 5219 measures about 3k resolution. 80MP would equate to what - 12k. Don't be silly - that's a vast over-estimation of the resolution of film and you're also well into lens and diffraction limitations at that point. Don't confuse scanning resolution with measured detail, and don't confuse 35mm motion picture film with 35mm stills film which is somewhat larger...

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