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+ - A Tour of the Google Blacklist

Submitted by WienerPizza
WienerPizza (666) writes "Michael Sutton takes us on a tour of the Google blacklist, a list of suspected phishing sites. He finds that eBay, PayPal and Bank of America combined account for 63% of the active phishing sites. Amusingly, he also reveals that Yahoo! has a nasty habit of hosting phishing sites that guessed it...Yahoo! credentials!"

+ - Money Laundering Via MMO's

Submitted by Anonymous
Anonymous (666) writes "Apparently, it is rather easy to move illicit funds through virtual economies such as Second Life (among many others) via currency conversion from real cash to virtual cash, followed by transferring that to another player, who then converts it back to real cash. Although the author of this posting gives a simple scenario, it is quite plausible that motivated criminals can be capable of much more robust schemes. tual-money-laundering-now-available-world-wide-/"

+ - End of the Hi-Def format war in sight?

Submitted by CyberLord Seven
CyberLord Seven (525173) writes "The New York Times has an article hinting that the solution to the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD confusion will be introduced by Warner Bros. at next weeks Consumer Electronics Show.



In recent interviews, executives at Fox and Disney were unequivocal in their support for Blu-ray. They said they believed that releasing DVDs in both formats would only prolong confusion and the emergence of a winning format. "I think the fastest way to end the format war is through decisiveness and strength," said Bob Chapek, the president of Buena Vista Worldwide Entertainment, the home video arm of Walt Disney.


+ - FBI Dodges Questions on Polygraph Screening

Submitted by
George Maschke
George Maschke writes "The FBI's belated response to written questions submitted by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee includes evasive and misleading replies to a number of questions posed regarding the FBI's polygraph program. While these questions are but a fraction of those asked, if the FBI's responses to them are representative of its responses to other questions, the need for stronger Congressional oversight could not be more clear."
XBox (Games)

+ - The Price of Online Gaming

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Game Journal thoughthead has a piece up discussing the benefits and pitfalls of paying to play next-gen consoles online. The piece entitled The Price of Online Gaming covers more then just the aspects of monetary costs, touching on how it has effected other aspects of games. From the Article:
"... since online multiplayer is being pushed by Microsoft, some developers have started neglecting other multiplayer aspects of gameplay, split-screen gaming, particularly 4 player split-screen gaming is becoming increasingly harder to come by, some titles have dropped local multiplayer altogether. Another multiplayer option that I enjoyed is System Link, but again this is becoming increasingly scarce."
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - New Year's Resolutions for Coders

Submitted by tkdtaylor
tkdtaylor (1039822) writes "This is a great list specially this one:
"I will not respond to requests for help by informing the questioner that they are not only asking the wrong question, but should change the language they program in and/or their Linux distribution."

I immediately though of slash dot when I read that.

New Years Resolutions"

+ - How does your company keep teleworkers happy?

Submitted by
charleste writes "This morning on IBMs employee website, there is an external link to an article about keeping teleworkers happy and connected both to the company and their coworkers. How does your company keep teleworkers happy? Do you feel disconnected from the "Greater Family"? Do you feel a part of the corporate entity you work for, or are you a disconnected unit that just plods along on individual tasks?"

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