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Comment: Re:BooHoo (Score 3, Informative) 789

by natemc (#28260963) Attached to: iPhone Users Angry Over AT&T Upgrade Policy
You do have to wait 90 days to open a new account with them. I had an overzealous AT&T manager cancel my phone service after my 3rd Sony Ericsson broke in less than a week. I went to another store to open an account to only be told the above. So just be warned that you will be without for 3 months, at least.

Comment: Re:P2P actually does help artists (Score 1) 308

by natemc (#12049798) Attached to: Indie Artists Support Peer To Peer
Actually, they played on Saturday Night Live to promote Kid A, which was when I realized how much of a whiney singer Thom is. It made me NOT want to buy that album. But they did do the press game to promote the album. I also remember seeing full page ads in music mags.

OK Computer was about their only album I really like.

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