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Comment: Re:Flatland (Score 1) 630

by natebarney (#26783575) Attached to: Mathematics Reading List For High School Students?
I just picked up "The Code Book" recently and really enjoyed it. Another one I think would be pretty cool for high school math students is "Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities", by Ian Stewart. It's written in a very light style, and would probably make learning about math seem like more fun to those that have an aversion.

Comment: Re:Technically yerself (Score 1) 325

by natebarney (#26659801) Attached to: Fannie Mae Worker Indicted For Malicious Script

Its current most common usage is as an uncountable quantity just like "water".

I wondered for a long time if there was a term for this sort of noun. I don't remember how I discovered it, but the type of noun you're describing is called a mass noun. Its opposite is called a count noun. I'm not correcting you or anything, just passing along some info.

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