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+ - Ubuntu Edge: Canonical's Big Gamle->

Submitted by nanday
nanday (935437) writes "Ubuntu Edge is either an idea of genius or a desperate gamble by an increasingly out of touch executive team. Or perhaps it is both at once.

But no matter how you view this effort to promote innovation in mobile technology, it raises endless questions about Canonical's chances for success in the mobile field and Ubuntu's relationship with the larger free and open source software (FOSS) community."

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+ - Giving GNOME 3 a GNOME 2 Look->

Submitted by nanday
nanday (935437) writes "GNOME Shell Extensions have done more than any other set of features to make GNOME 3 usable. Nearly 270 in number, they provide a degree of customization that was missing in the first GNOME 3 releases. In fact, if you choose, you can use the extensions to go far beyond Classic GNOME and re-create almost exactly the look and feel of GNOME 2 while taking advantage of the latest GNOME 3 code."
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+ - The State of Sexism in FOSS->

Submitted by nanday
nanday (935437) writes "Over at Datamation, I've posted a summary of what's been accomplished after four years of feminist activism in free and open source software:

Over four years later, the effects have been felt throughout the community. Although opposition to women's issues remains fierce on sites like Reddit and many private blogs, a growing number of community members are showing support for women's issues, and dozens of groups have sprung up to deal with different aspects of feminism."

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+ - Ada Initiative Supports Women in Open Source, Coun->

Submitted by nanday
nanday (935437) writes "In the last two years, sexism in free and open source software culture has been increasingly discussed and documented. However, little has been done about it.

Now, women's advocates Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner are determined to change this situation by the creation of The Ada Initiative, a non-profit organization to encourage women's participation in both FOSS and related groups such as the Free Culture Movement and Wikipedia. It's an ambitious effort, but one that the founders are determined to make, despite the inevitable hostility with which their efforts will be received in some circles."

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+ - Ubuntu, Canonical Wallow in Muddy Waters with Cont->

Submitted by nanday
nanday (935437) writes "If you believe everything you read, then Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, can't do anything wrong. But there seem to be genuine concerns about the Canonical Contributors Agreement. Specifically, critics in the community are saying that the agreement is contrary to the spirit of FOSS, and seeks to control contributors too much while placing them under too great a set of obligations."
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+ - FSF Appoints Director of Access Technology

Submitted by nanday
nanday (935437) writes "Seeing "a leadership vacuum" in free software accessibility, the Free Software has hired veteran Chris Hofstader to fill it. His first priority: trying to make federal government procurement in the USA friendly to free software accessibility. His second: an installer that the disabled can use without help — by 2011."

Comment: Re:I love Linux but... (Score 2, Informative) 475

by nanday (#24389257) Attached to: KDE 4.1 Released, Reviewed
Considering how much flack I've had in recent months for critical comments about KDE 4, I find this comment refreshingly funny. If you bothered to read, you'd see that, while I am very interested in what KDE 4.1 has to offer, I don't hesitate to say what is still missing, either. Oh, well. I must stop expecting the world to make sense; I'd be much happier that way. - Bruce Byfield ("nanday")
The Almighty Buck

+ - Computer waste fuels toxic trade->

Submitted by
nanday writes "Do you know what happens to your used computer equipment after it has been discarded? The answer may surprise you. Even if you have tried to recycle it, your old hardware often gets shipped to a developing nation in direct violation of international law. Useful components are then extracted — without safety precautions — by locals earning pennies a day and who are exposed to a range of hazardous toxins that include lead, beryllium, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants. Though slated to be banned over a decade ago, the practice continues and seems to be growing. North America, Japan, and South Korea are among the worst offenders. Solutions exist, and free software is a small part of them, but implementing them remains a painfully slow process."
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GNU is Not Unix

+ - GPLv2 or GPLv3?: Inside the Debate

Submitted by
nanday writes "Datamation is running a comprehensive, current summary of the changes and controversies surrounding GPLv3. It explains that Torvald's major reason for favoring the GPL is that it encourages sharing code, which is incidental to the Free Software Foundation's goal of empowering computer users. Peter Brown of the FSF says that Torvald's "is a developer. He wants to develop good code. But don't portray him as the leader of a movement that wants people to have control of their computers. He doesn't believe in that stuff. He's distanced himself from it. People have crowned him the leader of a movement when he's not. He's the leader of a software project.""

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. -- Isaac Asimov