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Comment: flash should only be used for Audio & Video (Score 1) 300

by nan0 (#30821248) Attached to: Open-Source JavaScript Flash Player (HTML5/SVG)
These days html/css/js can replicate most of the animation & navigation & effects that people use flash for, and in a more SEO friendly manner.

IMO the only convincing argument to use flash is for audio & video.

as this library doesn't cover multimedia...

it doesn't cover flash's only responsible use case... So it's clever - but useless.

not a criticism... keep it up!!!


+ - 160 k of LOL hand-woven memory got us to the moon->

Submitted by nan0
nan0 (620897) writes "I didn't know this... i knew of the type of memory, but i didn't realise it was hand-made in this fashion:

"The team of ex-textile workers and watch-makers were employed by defence firm Raytheon to "weave" the software into the memory of the computer... the entire computer was not so hi-tech. In order to make sure that the software was robust it was "woven" into so-called "rope core memories".
These used copper wires threaded through or around tiny magnetic cores to produce the ones and zeroes of binary code at the heart of the software.
Pass the copper wire through the core and the computer read it as a one. Pass it around and it was read as a zero.
"Once you get it wired it's not going to change without breaking those wires," said Mr Hall.
The rope core memories would become know as "LOL memory" after the "little old ladies" who knitted together the software at a factory just outside Boston."

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