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Comment An Ice dome 5cm thick would explode at 12psi (Score 1) 58

This design has a problem. The tensile strength of ice is not high enough to contain the required 12psi in a dome of the size described. I suppose you could run it at a lower pressure but then going EVA suite less would not be possible. The interior would have to be maintained below freezing to ensure structural integrity. Building it would provide shielding but not a comfortable environment for working. A better solution would be a frozen water dome about 25 ft thick.Then 12psi pressure could be maintained by the weight and strength of the ice which is much higher in compression. The low range for tensile strength of ice is only about 100 psi the low end of compressive strength is about 725psi. By using some bubble pack type internal insulation inside the dome the entire dome could be heated making for a nice place to grow crops etc.

Comment Change the world (Score 1) 842

I would start a Manhattan like project aimed at developing a programmable self replicating machine. Imagine an atomic level 3D printer. A flat panel one side is a digester the other side is an extruder assembler. Folded out from the edges would be solar panels. It would be able to replicate using sunlight and consuming trash, basic raw materials and have the ability to transmute elements when needed. As the number of machines continues to grow they would switch from building duplicate machines to homes, cars, roads, dams, water purification plants, power plants, farms schools or whatever mankind needs here on earth. Once everyone's needs are satisfied it would switch to building rockets to send itself into space where it would build human habitats on the moon. Then on to Mars to terraform the planet. Next out to the asteroid belt where it would consume asteroids to build seed ships for the trip to other solar systems. Even if the project failed it would likely result in some amazing technology.

Comment My printers (Score 1) 266

What printer to get depends on what you want to do. If you believe you are going to do high quality figurines, jewelry models for investment casting and other art pieces then a printer like the Form1+ would be good. If you plan on doing mostly mechanical and less resolution demanding work an FDM printer would be a good choice. I have a form1+ as well as a Robo3D and a Delta Maker delta style printer. The Robo3D is a good value. It has a big work envelope reasonable resolution and a heated bed. The Delta Maker looks good however I have found the Bowden Tube feed system to not perform that well (strings). The auto bed leveling sounds good but does not do what it should (I have to shim the build plate after auto leveling) The Form1 can and has done amazing prints and they are adding to the resin types so there are some new ones that give better mechanical properties. It is much more messy and expensive to operate than either of the FDM printers. Print failures are also higher.

Comment Toys, Tools, Art, Prototypes (Score 1) 266

Most of the stuff I have made would fall in the Art/Toy categories. Model Train parts for my grandson, Lighted pumpkins for all my grandchildren. Ornaments for the christmas tree. More practical/useful things Humming bird feeders. Cup holders for a friends boat dock. Gun stock. Knobs for tools in my workshop. Brackets for a friends outdoor lighting. Battery case for LED work lights. Wine Rack. Olive Oil stopper for oil bottle by the stove. I have the tools to make things out of wood, metal and plastic however I find that I can design and print things and get a better quality and more complex part than fabbing it from raw materials. If its something that will take a lot of heat or mechanical abuse or needs real high strength I will make it from metal by cutting and welding, however, there are many things that just don't need that. The real advantage of 3D printing is complexity is nearly free. Making a part with complex shape and lots of holes is easy with 3D printing. Doing that on a manual milling machine and drill press takes lots of time. One wrong setup and you start over. Your 3D print is the wrong size you change the design (minutes) and start a new print. Go watch a movie, eat dinner surf the internet and get your new part. If you are a creative person you need a 3D printer to unlock your potential. If not just stick to buying your stuff from the store.

Comment Developers explain why apps need access (Score 1) 96

My biggest complaint about Google's play store is that they do not require each app developer to explain in the app description why their app needs access to a particular data element or service on the device and what it is going to do with the access. A flash light does not need internet access or access to my contact list etc. If the app is asking for more access than I believe is necessary then I do not install it. I believe a lot of people would not install apps if they actually knew what they were doing with their information.

Comment Re:No Organizations (Score 1) 268

Wow parasitic investor class? Exactly what is that? Investers risk their money giving people jobs and providing products and services with no guarentee of a return. Many of them WORK THEIR ASSES OFF trying to make the world a better place for everyone. The "pan handler" catagory mostly are just takers. Looking for an easy buck for the next fix or drunk. I say invest your money in someone who is starting a company that is providing a good service or product that makes peoples lives better. If you invest and your money comes back do it again and help twice as many people. If thats what a Patreon does then great do that. Allowing people to live idle wasted lives by feeding their habits is not good for them or the rest of us even though you may feel good doing it.

Comment No space elevator on earth EVER (Score 1) 275

When reuseable space craft by SpaceX are a reality (likely later this year) there will be no economic need for a space elevator. Its the same reason we will probably never build super high speed rail systems over most of the US. The cost benifit just is not there. When the cost of going to space is reduced to mostly a matter of fule space is very accessable very cheeply. Not much more expensive than a flight in the concord was. The real cost is throwing away the rocket everytime you use it. Build rockets with the reuseability of jet airplanes and presto cost to space is no big deal. No one talks much about building high speed rail across the ocean because an airplan can get you accross very fast for a tiny fraction of the cost of the rail system. Same with space. Build a 30,000 mile elevator to space at $1,000,000,000,000 or a $50,000,000 space ship that burns $300,000 worth of fuel per flight.

Comment We Will Live Longer Better Lives (Score 1) 692

I reject your premise that the world cannot support more people in a healthy way. Just look at history. The earth’s population has grown dramatically yet people live longer, healthier and freer lives today than ever before. People have predicted the world would fall into starvation war biological devastation and finally the zombie apocalypse. It just will not happen unless we get hit by an asteroid or some other cosmic random event. Not enough food - New tech - mechanized farming - fertilizer - genetic engineered food. Running out of energy - New tech Fracking - More oil and gas than we can use. Solar power on the verge of unsubsidized cost competitiveness. Clean Fission systems based on thorium, and even Fusion systems will be ready when we eventually need them. SpaceX is about to crack the Space cost problem with reusable rockets so soon we can build on the Moon and Mars and protect the Earth from that rock with our name on it. Other resources recycling and 3D printer technology gets better and faster eventually everything will be recyclable back into everything we need. Bioengineering gets better so diseases will continue to be more curable. The more I watch presentations like this TED talk The more I am convinced the Human race has a great future more like the world of Star Trek than Mad Max.

Comment Re:Very high accident rates (Score 1) 408

Google has 23 of the 48 cars on the road. Each with about 150,000 total miles or 3,450,000 total car miles. The article said 150,000 miles however based on Wikipedia Google cars had a total of 700,000 miles on cars in april of 2014. Assuming they have more cars on the road now the 150,000 miles is probably a per car number. If that is true then the expected accident rate is 3,450,000 * .3/100000 or 10 accidents. Google has had 3, only 1 under computer control, that looks like a rate only 10% that of human drivers. So they could rightfully claim the robot cars are 10 times as safe as human drivers. To me this looks very Very good.

Comment Self Driving Cars will make it obsolete (Score 1) 515

Why would anyone pay for the train when they will be able to ride in their self driving car with greater convenience, lower cost and almost as quick. 14 years is a long time in hardware and software development. Robotic cars (busses?) will be widely available by then. When you eliminate the idiots driving on the roads traffic will flow much better than today so travel should be faster. You will still need local transport when you get to destination city. You can rent a car or pay for a taxi both up the cost or bring your own.

Comment Another Tech switch to keep profits high (Score 1) 179

Company patents expiring... Everyone can use the technology... Low cost alternatives to companies products. Company profits at risk! How to solve this? Plan: Make use of expired patents illegal. Trump up cancer causing claims to force glyphosate off market. Introduce new herbicide claim its better. Have new genetically modified seed available to work against new herbicide. Problem solved! Profits ensured for next 20 years... (just like Ozone Hole strategy it worked before...)

Comment Re:This is interesting.... (Score 1) 573

The ozone hole was never a real issue and is not a real issue today. One thing no one seems to point out is that ozone is formed naturally by the action of sunlight (UV) portion of the spectrum. When you get UV you get Ozone. It regenerates. The only place the Ozone hole forms is where there is no UV light. IE the poles during winter when it is dark 24 hours a day. When we looked for the first time there was a hole. My guess is that the hole has always been there and will always be there no matter what. That its size will fluxuate just like all natural things do. And yes I believe this was an industry fostered campaign to get an inexpensive widely manufactured refrigerant banned so they could force people to buy more expensive ones protected by patents.

Comment Its the peel thats missing (Score 1) 95

There are 3d printer systems that cure the whole surface at once called the B9 creator. They use a DLP type projector. So that is not what is new. What is new is that that this system does not require a peel operation. In the B9creator the peel is done by sliding the platform off the newly curred part. In the Form1 the tank is peeled by pulling one side away like opening a hinged door. In this new system no peel the cured material is does not stick to the tank because of the O2 rich zone near the bottom of the tank. As the part is pulled out the next layer cures to the new projected pattern. The secret must be in how they are able to get a stable Oxygen rich zone that is not dispersed by the withdrawal of the newly cured part and does not migrate around which would seem to make the point at which curing occurs unstable.

Comment Re:I just don't understand (Score 1) 1128

Apparently you did not listen to the prosecutor go over the testimony in his press conference. The witnesses that testified that Mike Brown was standing with arms up either changed their testimony or their testimony was refuted by hard evidence. Many later admitted they did not even see the shooting and were just repeating what someone else said. The only credible witnesses stated Brown charged the officer who shot several times. After being hit Brown stopped and then charged again when he charged the officer the second time the officer shot several more times striking Brown in the head which instantly incapacitated him and resulted in his death. Audio caught by someone videotaping another event backs up this version of the events by the spacing and timing of the gun shots. So does blood evidence. Blood spatter was found 50 ft behind brown and 150ft from where the officer was standing. The evidence clearly showed and the credible testimony showed that the shooting was justified. What is hard to understand is why a supposedly good "kid" like Mike Brown would all of a sudden start stealing and acting like he was bullet proof.

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