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Submission + - Microsoft Popfly, Silverlight Mashup App

n00b-l0s3r writes: Microsoft has announced the alpha version of Popfly, http://www.popfly.com/ its new application creation, mashup enabling tool and social networking software for nonprogrammers, based on the company's Silverlight cross-browser, cross-platform technology for building RIAs (rich internet applications).

"There's an obvious desire or need for people to want to create online applications, but it's too difficult today. So our goal is to democratize development," said Dan Fernandez, Microsoft's lead project manager for Visual Studio Express, of the Popfly project.

With Popfly, there is completely no prior knowledge of programming needed for users to get started designing and creating application mashups. Popfly is based on the concept of "Blocks," akin to Lego blocks, which users can snap together to create applications and build Web sites to share with others, Fernandez said.


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