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Comment It's pretty easy for me... (Score 2) 96

There's a fundamental difference...

ISIS wants to spread the videos to show how badass they are, and to plant fear into people. We shouldn't distribute it, because then we are doing what they want. You can easily report on this without spreading the actual footage.

A rogue cop killing an innocent wants to hide his crime, and should be exposed. This can also be easily reported on without showing footage, but the footage painfully shows how much the cops don't give a fuck about anybody's life.

So the first should never be shown, the second should be available. But really, it's not mandatory to show any death videos... Especially in this age of social media, I'm casually browsing facebook at work, and suddenly I see dead people coming by.... That isn't helping anybody...

Comment Re:catering to the mentally ill (Score 2) 280

This is totally besides the point.

It's FB wanting to force people to use their real name, so they can identify you to do more stuff they shouldnt with your data.
And now that there's a giant move to Ello, or at least it's starting, they're backtracking.
They are catering to their profits, not to any subset of their users.

Lots of people use fake names, just because they dont want to use their real names. Not because we were all molested.

Comment I really do not get these marsians (Score 1) 549

If we could build a colony on mars, a harsh, deadly environment, why couldnt we just build the colony here if it goes a little worse.

We'll need a gigantic amount of pollution to make earth worse of a habitat then mars, no?
I mean, it doesnt even have a decent atmosphere to protect us from outer space radiation or just space junk flying around...

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