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Comment: State of software quality (Score 4, Insightful) 358

by mysterious_mark (#38935053) Attached to: iOS Vs. Android: Which Has the Crashiest Apps?
I don't think this has as much to do with Android and iOS as it does with the state of software quality in general. The current state of software quality is abysmal, since the shift to scripting languages and web apps as the primary platform about ten years, the science and art of writing robust and reliable software for OO, event driven, asynchronous platforms like iOS or Android has become an almost lost skill. Unfortunately failure modes for these platforms are more dramatic than for web apps, in that you'll likely get a crash rather than 'error on page' message. The situation has been further exacerbated by management's insistence an always hiring the lowest quality developers they can find, outsourcing, H1 B's etc. If you use low quality and inexperienced devs, you'll likely get an unstable and and unreliable application on these types of platforms. This should be a wake up call to the industry in general in that we need to focus and engineering, quality and reliability, and not just minimizing cost.

Comment: Motoblur (Score 1) 207

by mysterious_mark (#35612164) Attached to: Motorola May Ditch Android, Revive ARM Partnership
I doubt it. They are still struggling to get Motoblur finished, I seriously doubt they'd be able to field a consumer grade OS if they can't even get Motoblur out the door. Application and OS layer is not their strong point as a company, they would be better off of they just focused on hardware, Mark

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mysterious_mark writes: "Recently I was recruited by altitude films to be the IT geek for a filming expedition to the north side of Mount Everest. I have written an account of my experience at : http://www.ueverest.com/camp_life.aspx?postId=19 . It is a tale of high latency, low band width, blown hard drives, and frozen fingers. Summit day is June 14th, the overall expedition is covered at http://www.ueverest.com/"
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