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Comment Re:depends on what you're looking for (Score 1) 100

Bitcoin is not only a good hope; it's perfectly viable for many transactions.

I would not necessarily suggest that you hold onto much BTC, however.

Problem is BTC has some volatility --- so it is best to keep only the small amount you need onhand to complete transactions in the near future; Replenish by purchasing more, as needed, for additional trading, but don't keep your life savings or a significant percentage of your monthly pay held as BTC.

Comment Re:Missed the Boat? (Score 2) 100

Why are you calling Bitcoin a pyramid scheme? I think it's a perfectly viable way of making electronic payments.

Why, just the other day I purchased around 1/4 a bitcoin, and used it to buy something.

I used Bitcoin for this transaction, because I tried Paypal first, and Paypal hung at a "Logging in... screen"

Something I am seeing more and more often.... I want to buy something on eBay, or from other source, they accept Paypal..... I try to checkout using PayPal, and PayPal's website hangs in Chrome After I enter my Login and Password, It just sits at "Logging in...." forever, Instead of coming up with the screen, where I am supposed to enter the One Time Password from my Keyfob.

And thus I cannot complete the transaction, Because PayPal's website is So broken, So then I am forced to use a Credit Card, which is Less secure, and paying by Bitcoin is a good alternative.

Comment Re:Bad tool (Score 1) 225

I think it's easier to validate that a JPG file is really a JPG than a BMP

You can start with a real image, then modulate the pixels by the data.

Also, you can make it a lossless JPEG.

I think the reason to just use BMP is because it's less processing and computing time required (More efficient, and less space will be wasted too).

Comment Wth is this 'asking permission' crud? (Score 1) 64

Imagine if Galileo had to 'ask permission' from the church to be allowed to use a telescope to look at the sky and 'ask for permission' to take observations that could propose heliocentric theory. We would still think the earth is the center of the universe, absurd.

Real scientists don't ask for permission... they just methodically investigate.

Also, real scientists aren't afraid of being punished by authorities, because their results disagree with popular notions.

Comment Seriously, just use one workstation (Score 1) 182

Clearview must purchase a standard license for type, a one-time charge of between $175 (for one font) and $795 (for the full 13-font typeface family) and up, depending on the number of workstations.

Use a stand-in font that gets re-rendered by a central computer to generate the results image and preview images before printing signs.

Comment Re: Nobody is buying email software anymore (Score 1) 242

Now they have shut it down as well.

No.... that's not quite accurate. Microsoft STILL has their own spam filtering solution.

It's available only as a cloud product; either by moving your mailboxes to O365, or by subscribing to Exchange Online Protection and using their hosted antispam service.

Comment Re: Nobody is buying email software anymore (Score 1) 242

And I know that MS does offer online Archives as part of O365.

Yeah, Online archives managed by the user whose mailbox it is....

Generally a business mail archiving solution is compulsory archiving, which the end user has no control over, and silently archives each message into compact indexed storage.

The Online Archives solution is more like a PST file on the local computer, just outsourced to the cloud, in that the end user decides when to move messages into or out of their Online Archive, and they can still edit/delete messages in their Online Archives.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 171

That just ensures that the more populous areas suffer from tax burdens far in excess of their representation.

This is the most equitable, when all the federal tax money is being spent on things that only benefit the population located in the populous area.

most equitable arrangement, of course, would be proportional representation based on how much taxes the individual pays

No... they call that a plutocracy. A most equitable arrangement would be to divide the land mass into fine-grained administrative boundaries on the geography, E.g. Counties, And only allow people in the same administrative boundary to participate in the process of deciding what if any federal tax money that was collected from people in that area can be allocated/spent on a specific project.

Also, for any money borrowed, the debt dollars are attributed in proportion to the decision of different administrative units to participate; allocated in the same manner as collected tax dollars.

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