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Comment: Giving up the essential for the trivial (Score 5, Insightful) 195 195

These companies exist because the public allows it. The public is getting nothing but censorship out of the bargain, giving these companies carte blanche to do whatever they please to the internet. The world is caving to the slightest whims of an industry that we would survive just fine without.

Comment: Bigoted language (Score 4, Interesting) 640 640

Silence is not the answer, says Dayk Jang. He is now organizing a group of experts, including evolutionary scientists and theologians who believe in evolution

We're never going to get anywhere if even an article that supports science uses this kind of bigoted language. Do scientists "believe in" gravity? Do scientists "believe in" relativity?

Comment: This dream I had (Score 4, Funny) 542 542

I dreamed that I woke up and it was 1890.

My first thought was "I need to go get a job quick, because people who don't work starve in 1890!"

My second thought was "I need to plot the murder of Thomas Edison!"

When I woke up, I agreed with my subconscious. Does that make me crazy?

Comment: Re:Ok, scratch that business plan... (Score 0) 138 138

It could also be

1) Come up with profitable idea that threatens business models of crooked, incumbent telecoms
2) Incumbent telecoms pay off people that do the studies and claim that your product will kill people and end life as we know it and kick puppies
3) Be forced into bankruptcy because you don't have that kind of political clout

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke