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Comment: Re:Deep Inspection is not the Problem (Score 1) 126

by myVarNamesAreTooLon (#27496615) Attached to: An Education In Deep Packet Inspection

D.I. is neither good or bad, it is the illegal or immoral application of the technology that is the problem.

It's a technology that almost no one wants except for those who are in a position to abuse it. That makes it difficult or impossible to view it as a "neutral" thing.

What about this?

DPI has been used for several years to maintain the integrity and security of networks, searching for signs of protocol non-compliance, viruses, malicious code, SPAM and other threats.

Are you suggesting people don't want a less SPAMy, more secure internet? There's more to it than "oh noes, the isp's are spying my internets!"

I'm not saying I want them to, there's just more to it than some people realize.

Comment: Re:Maybe we should test it first? (Score 1) 679

by myVarNamesAreTooLon (#27452029) Attached to: Offshore Windpower To Potentially Exceed US Demand

The North coast, you know the Great Lakes region. There are no large cities along the northern border that are more than 100 miles from the Atlantic or Pacific or Great Lakes (well perhaps Minneapolis, but it's close at 150 miles according to Google maps).

Define a 'large city'. As it stands you are leaving out whole STATES in your 100 miles! (Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and more)
Chicago, IL --> St. Louis MO ~300mi (closest ocean/great lake)
...and we don't even want to TALK about Salt Lake City or Denver...
Do you by chance live on the east coast (or perhaps some country other than the US)? It seems to me that people from over there don't seem to understand just how much open space there is in the west/midwest US.

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