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Comment Lateral move maybe? (Score 2) 485

I only used it for a few hours last night but here's what I got so far: I disabled a bunch of the data collection things during the installation (I think I left usage stats or something like that...I like to give something back). The color schemes aren't that great. The start menu/search has been easy enough to adjust to. the UAC stuff messed up a few of my programs that didn't have permission to write to their own directories in Program Files. I don't use media center so I don't care about that. I heard that people had graphics problems with NVidia cards so I tried some games out. I think the drivers for this version of Windows actually enabled some new AA options for games. TF2 looked smoother. Dota 2 was where I had problems. I have DSR enabled on that and it couldn't properly translate my mouse movements. The cursor showed up in the right place but the game thought I could only access the top left quarter of the screen with my mouse. I couldn't get to the exit button. I turned DSR off and it was fine until I closed the game. It hung for a while but eventually closed. The install also didn't copy over my Realtek equalizer settings but that was a quick fix. I did an update after clicking around a bit and then restarted. The startup time seemed slow. I'm expecting a lot of updates but so far I think it's pretty OK for free. It looks different and that might scare people but you get used to it quickly enough. I'm not too jammed about anything except that little graphics problem.

Submission + - The St. Louis Cardinals Hacked the Houston Astros and Didn't Do a Good Job

mwn3d writes: The St. Louis Cardinals are under investigation for hacking into a database storing Houston Astros operational data. "Hacking" is used loosely here as almost everyone involved seems to have made many not-so-smart choices. An initial mistake is that "Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow...used to work with the Cardinals and ran a similar database in St. Louis. It appears that Luhnow used the same passwords in both places, leaving the database open to mischief". Later mistakes including perpetrating this "hack" from their home computers and posting stolen documents on a public pastebin site.

Comment Similar for housing? (Score 1) 176

I wonder if they could do a similar study for housing. Older houses probably use more energy for climate control and they would need more things replaced. Though there was probably an increase in cohabitation (couples, people moving in with parents, getting roommates to save on rent) which might offset anything else.

Comment Re:So nothing happened? (Score 1) 135

Yeah so they're not required by law to black it out but the NFL will probably still want that to happen so they get ticket/concession sales. So then they'll just set it up in the contract with the cable networks to work the same as before and the cable networks will go with it because people watch the NFL and they don't want to lose that. Cable networks get eyeballs on the screen and the NFL gets butts in seats. Everyone wins but us.

Comment So nothing happened? (Score 3, Insightful) 135

The NFL can still black games out. I guess they'll just have to negotiate the rules with the cable networks? If that's how it goes then games will still get blacked out all the time because the networks won't give up the NFL over that rule. Maybe I'm reading this wrong.

Comment NHL has used them for years (Score 1) 107

You'll see coaches drawing up plays on them, players watching replays on them, even when they're not using them you can see them tucked away in a pocket on the bench showing the live broadcast. Not sure why the NFL has to be stuck with still pictures. I'm also not sure why the NFL has to use tablets to show those pictures when they could just print the HD color pictures. And doesn't $400M seem like a bit much? Ramble ramble ramble ramble....

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