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Comment: Re:Subsidies? (Score 1) 373

by mverrilli (#30970590) Attached to: Obama Budget To Triple Nuclear Power Loan Guarantees

It must be cost effective and convenient enough for the masses to use else it will never go anywhere.

That said, I think the money we spend on our military to protect our oil interests abroad should be funded by oil taxes (lowering other tax). Let the price of oil reflect the true cost to compete on even ground with alternatives. I wonder if anyone has calculated the total true cost of oil.

Nuke power doesn't really bother me, though. I do wonder where we get our nuke fuel.


MySpace Digital Music Service Is DRM-Free 93

Posted by kdawson
from the little-music-with-your-gossip dept.
Anti-Globalism sends word that MySpace flipped the switch on its online, ad-supported, DRM-free music service that will "... give its roughly 120 million users free access to hundreds of thousands of songs from the world's largest recording labels. Unlike much of the material at Apple's iTunes store, the music sold through MySpace's new service won't contain the protections that limit how many times a track can be copied. MySpace is hoping to set itself apart from iTunes even further by allowing its users to create an unlimited number of playlists containing up to 100 songs apiece, a sharing concept similar to music services already offered by Imeem and"

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