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Comment Bias? Or reality? (Score 5, Insightful) 444

If the tests are too easy, the kids aren't "gifted."

If they don't pass the test, then they aren't "gifted."

If the test uses words they don't understand, then what words would the researcher suggest the tests use that aren't "culturally biased?" Using three letter words well isn't a sign of ability.

Comment Re:The other real problem (Score 1) 299

Customer: build this
Developer: OK, it should take X
Customer: great

Customer: why is it late?
Developer: oh, I used a bunch of new technologies and techniques. Now it does all this crap you never asked for, but I was able to pad my resume.
Customer: but it doesn't even do what I asked for
Developer: you idiot, you didn't spec it correctly.

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