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Comment: Tech skills? Sequencing and integration (Score 3, Interesting) 298

by mveloso (#49727877) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Skills Do HS Students Need To Know Now?

Really, the main mental skills you need in tech are pretty simple: understanding the goal/problem, breaking a problem down into steps, then putting everything together at the end.

If someone can figure out how to take a meal, make a recipe that makes the meal, then follow the recipe to make a meal, they'll be mostly fine.

Comment: That wasn't an Inquisition (Score 1) 494

by mveloso (#49556649) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

As a note, the indian thing in the US wasn't an inquisition, it was a land grab. There's a difference.

The Jews are that way all over the world, so singling out the USA is a bit unfair. Today Jews run the country, so there you go.

Blacks were sold and enslaved by other blacks in Africa before they came to the US, and their old gods were obviously pretty pathetic. However, today there's nothing to prevent them from practicing Santeria or whatever they want.

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