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Comment Wires are the best terminal (Score 3, Funny) 352

Terminals are lame. I like being close to the machine, so I wired the serial port right into auditory nerve. I had to drop the bitrate to 7-O-3 to get it to work reliably.

I'm still working on the input part. It's hard to concentrate on input when the damn thing is blasting your ear every few microseconds with noise.

Comment Now you know why people went out of Africa (Score 1) 488

You know why people move? Because the conditions become hostile to continued existence. Sure there'll be people who stick around, but most "normal" people will leave when conditions get overly harsh.

It's been that way for hundreds of thousands of years. If it weren't for these borders, people would move even more if they could.

Comment CFront wasn't a compiler (Score 4, Informative) 153

CFront wasn't a compiler, it was a preprocessor that spat out C code that was subsequently compiled by whatever C compiler you happened to have.

Looking at CFront output was the best way to understand how C++ actually worked at the time, since it was all mapped to pretty straightforward C constructs. I don't think anyone around today knows what a vtable and ptable is, but back then it was how you could tell the programmers who really dug in to the language from those that didn't.

Comment Re:Linus is right only for people of his caliber.. (Score 1) 576

"People at Linus' caliber understand exactly the rules for signed/unsigned integer promotion and where underflow is defined (as wrap) and where it's undefined[1]. "

Well, the specific behavior in this types of cases will/may depend on the hardware. Linux targets lots more systems than just x86-64. And in any case using a gnu version-specific intrinsic is probably not the best thing to do in general.

And what's with the magic number?

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