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Comment Re:Birth Control (Score 1) 842

I would donate money to an organization that freely distributed birth control devices. Overpopulation strains the supply of natural resources like water, strains the food supply (farms being bought to put in housing), increases pollution, etc. And parents that don't have huge numbers of children can better care for their children. Lessen overpopulation -> help with many other problems.

That's putting the cart before the horse. If you listen to Hans Rosling he will tell you that when there are abundant resources, low child mortality follows, and then the birth rate naturally goes down. This has happened many, many times. So what I am basically saying is you will get the same effect by supplying clean water and health care to the third world, along with of course the life expectancy benefits that go along with those.

Comment Re:It's all a matter of perspective (Score 1) 842

That, to me, is being rich - it means being free to go anywhere and do anything. I don't need a lavish life of luxury; I just want to be free of the shackles that keep me from seeing the world.

Yep, agreed. I'd buy a 4x4 camper and do the pacific rim. Australia through South East Asia, China, Mongolia, Russia, Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, all the way down to Chile. Adventure!

Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 842

I have no mod points (and I've already posted in this thread anyway); but I find your post interesting and informative. Does the premise of your last paragraph depend on US tax law?

I didn't post merely to blow smoke up your ass though - I am genuinely interested in your sig line; can you explain it?

Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 842

I've often thought about this; you know, dreaming of winning the lottery and all. I often think, if I won the lottery, I could spend all my life finishing all those projects I have to do. But then, most of those projects are in place because I don't have a lot of money, so the impetus to do them is gone. Also, part (a lot?) of the fun in the projects is because it's a challenge to complete on a limited budget. If I had a lot of money, not only would the project be useless, but the fun part would be removed because suddenly there is no budget constraint. I wonder if my life would be empty if I had a lot of money? At least I could travel more, which would be great. But all those electronics and programming projects I have and enjoy doing - well, would i enjoy them as much if I weren't constrained by money?

Comment Re:Not really (Score 3, Insightful) 354

Part way through the article, there's a big quote that says, "Without Windows 95 there would be no Steam or XBox and we would still be playing Pong." That's just nonsense.

Absolutely. Doom predated Windows 95, which was in turn predated by wolfenstein 3D which was arguably the most influential game of all time. How many FPS games owe their look and feel to those two games?

Comment Re:The financial *and* legal option (Score 2) 372

I'm not having much sympathy for the sites operators or its actual users, so that pretty much wipes out the rest of the options.

So, basically because the site provides a service you don't agree with, they are fair game for an illegal intrusion? I don't agree with their business model either, but I don't agree that they somehow "deserved" the breach.

Comment Re:Watching for continuity is a new thing (Score 1) 95

Continuity is something that only popped up very recently when viewers started to want such a thing. And it's still a rather small (but very vocal) minority that cares about such things, at least in shows where it simply does not matter.

Is that a function of the way we consume our media these days? Back in the 50s-90s people watched shows on broadcast; the series-binge is only a recent phenomenon corresponding with torrents and then streaming services.

Comment Re:Medical Transportation (Score 1) 311

Just because you pay for it in a different way doesn't mean that costs don't matter. Granted, the US system necessarily means higher cost (because you need to pay for the care AND a profit for any company involved in the transaction) but with a socialized system you still have to pay for people, equipment and pharmaceuticals. Being cheaper does not make it free.

Agreed; however in an Australian context this poll is essentially meaningless, in that most people do not know or care what the cost of the various procedures are, because they simply do not see them.

If, on the other hand, the poll were "If I could reduce the waiting time on one medical..." then it might be a different matter.

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