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Comment Re:The financial *and* legal option (Score 2) 367

I'm not having much sympathy for the sites operators or its actual users, so that pretty much wipes out the rest of the options.

So, basically because the site provides a service you don't agree with, they are fair game for an illegal intrusion? I don't agree with their business model either, but I don't agree that they somehow "deserved" the breach.

Comment Re:Watching for continuity is a new thing (Score 1) 95

Continuity is something that only popped up very recently when viewers started to want such a thing. And it's still a rather small (but very vocal) minority that cares about such things, at least in shows where it simply does not matter.

Is that a function of the way we consume our media these days? Back in the 50s-90s people watched shows on broadcast; the series-binge is only a recent phenomenon corresponding with torrents and then streaming services.

Comment Re:Medical Transportation (Score 1) 311

Just because you pay for it in a different way doesn't mean that costs don't matter. Granted, the US system necessarily means higher cost (because you need to pay for the care AND a profit for any company involved in the transaction) but with a socialized system you still have to pay for people, equipment and pharmaceuticals. Being cheaper does not make it free.

Agreed; however in an Australian context this poll is essentially meaningless, in that most people do not know or care what the cost of the various procedures are, because they simply do not see them.

If, on the other hand, the poll were "If I could reduce the waiting time on one medical..." then it might be a different matter.

Comment Re:Medical Transportation (Score 2) 311

What my insurance covers is irrelevant. It actually did cover that $900 ambulance ride. How is it better that the insurance company was ripped off $900? How is it better for me or you, since that money ultimately comes out of our premiums?

This is actually relevant. If you took your SO to the hospital yourself you would have been triaged in emergency; the fact (s)he rode there in an ambulance means being seen straight away. Here in Queensland, Australia, all ambulance rides are free, thanks to a small levy charged on our electricity accounts of all things. We also have a functional public hospital service, too, despite the current government's efforts to dismantle it, making this poll relatively meaningless for us.

Comment Re:Windows key = useless to me (Score 1) 698

I use an old IBM Model M keyboard with no windows key; under OSX I remap the caps-lock key to command; under windows I don't miss not having the windows key. Many of those shortcuts you have listed have alternate shortcuts; the ones that don't could be useful to me if I had a windows key, but I'd rather type on my model M than some mushy newfangled piece of crap. Under Linux, ctrl-alt serves the purpose of the windows key, and the linux desktop is much more flexible than windows for using the keyboard anyway.

Comment I wrote a bash script once... (Score 1) 145

Yeah, no big deal I guess. Except that this bash script generated a keystroke file that was input to a DOS-based key injector program to automate some proprietary conversion software to convert thousands of files that were being done manually (keystroke, enter, enter filename, choose option, press go, wait for return, lather rinse repeat - you know the drill).

Comment Re:Almost (Score 3, Informative) 263

I've written Python for years and have never used any special editor. The one problem I've had is when commenting out several lines of Python code -- you need to add a # character to the beginning of each line. It's a minor inconvenience.

What about using the """ triple-quote format? That works for multi-line comments, but may be "special" in that it's interpreted by other tools.

Comment Re:Python/C++ Combo (Score 1) 757

This. I use python usually when I need the language features (libs etc), and C for my embedded stuff. I don't bother with C++; I find C to be more than adequate for my needs. Most of the "C++" I've seen written in the small embedded space is basically C with a bit of C++ syntactic sugar (Arduino, I'm looking at you). Why not just use C??