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Comment Much as it pains the Slashdot editors.... (Score 2) 299 299

This seems to hold true for most broad-interest sites like newspapers and magazines where comments can be downright awful, as opposed to sites like Slashdot with a self-selected and somewhat homogeneous audience. It seems unlikely that using only blogs for responsive dialog with authors and peers could come close to matching the feedback and community feel of comments such as we see here. Is there a technical solution, or is this a biological problem imposed on the internet?

Ummmm, I would not classify Slashdot among the non-broken sites with broadly thoughtful, intelligent comments. And the hokey voting system here works just as much to hide thoughtful, but unpopular, opinion as it does to make trolls invisible. I believe Jackson is holding up sites where depth of though reigns and which don't depend on technological thumbscrews to maintain a veneer of quality.

Comment Another fucking military hijack (Score 2) 125 125

The research could be used for health-tracking apps, baby monitors, and for the military and law enforcement.'

Of course, always for the military and law enforcement. The ethos of technology development in this country, spreading to the world, increasingly sickens me.

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