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+ - How to deliver a print magazine online, while avoiding piracy? 3 3

An anonymous reader writes: I work for a technical magazine that has been available in print for over 40 years. Moving to providing an alternative subscription available online has been hard; the electronic version is quickly pirated and easily available around the world each month.

We are a small company, and our survival depends not only on advertising but on the subscription fees.

Do any slashdotters have experience of delivering electronic magazines via a subscription service in a way that is cost effective and secure?

Comment: The title is unhelpful (Score 0) 238 238

If this is official, then it's official. If you dont like it, change jobs ( or change jobs and report it if illegal )
If it's official and you don't like it, then grow up and learn to communicate with people. The organisation is bigger than your personal view point.

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