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Submission + - Ashley Madison Was the Greatest Scam Ever (

An anonymous reader writes: There may be as few as 1,500 real women active on Ashley Madison. The adage about people taking it off on nude beaches often being the people you wish would leave it on; could apply here as well. Has anyone else downloaded the dump? Is it legal to download the dump? Has anyone else done any queries to get a take on this? Weekly Standard came up with these numbers.

Comment Re:mmm 4k content (Score 1) 100

Just a thought ( i have no experience in this)
Spacial Compression, as each bit has a quantifying value of 1 or 0 and each pixels has a certain colour code convertible to a hex code, couldn't one convert a file with a list/db of hex codes being used and using spacial geometry to fill in the blank .. or am i just wrong .. i have no idea what i'm going on about... babble babble...
for example Minecraft uses content generation to create worlds, couldn't something along those lines be used to generate responses to certain requests...

Comment Re: Why would give them your cc? (Score 1) 49

I don't post Anonymously to make a point.
I am a CEO not some fat bludger stuck in his parents basement (as you like to generalize), and i watch the guys, they are entertaining and also allows me to watch games i haven't played to see if its worth getting.
I do pay VIA PayPal through and not credit card, i support he people the put int he effort to entertain me ... i have a life and i live it the way i want cause its MY LIFE.

Submission + - Aussie government warns against Steam malware (

dotarray writes: The Australian government has issued a warning to all Steam users, following the outbreak of online malware using the social side of the gaming platform to send malicious messages to users. We're used to seeing this sort of behaviour on other social networks, but this is the first time it's caused such a stir on Valve's digital platform

Submission + - Inside Cryptowall 2.0 Ransomware (

msm1267 writes: If you need more evidence that ransomware is here to stay, and could turn into cybercriminals’ weapon of choice, look no further than Cryptowall.

Researchers at Cisco’s Talos group today published an analysis of a Cryptowall 2.0 sample, peeling back many layers of known commodities around this threat, such as its use of the Tor anonymity network to disguise command-and-control communication.

But perhaps more telling about the commitment around ransomware is the investment attackers made in its capabilities to detect execution in virtual environments, building in many stages of decryption present before the ransomware activates, and its ability to detect 32- and 64-bit architectures and executing different versions for each.

Submission + - Canadian Anti-Piracy Firm Caught Infringing Copyright (

An anonymous reader writes: Canipre, a Montreal-based intellectual property enforcement firm, yesterday issued a press release announcing an infringement monitoring program designed to take advantage of the Canada's new copyright notice-and-notice system. Yet a new report indicates that the company may itself be engaged in copyright infringement with a director's blog posting dozens of full-text articles from media organizations around the world, often without attribution and some that are subscription-only content.

Comment Prices are rediculous (Score 1) 400

just went to see "The Hobbit" yesterday, $20 for a ticket, $18 for a coke (bottle), choc top and m&m's ... assigned seating which i hate .. small screen, geeze from the distance it looks like a 60inch tv

The cost of a ticket is a big negative for me and everyone i know... imagine taking a family, gonna cost you like $100.

They dont realise increasing ticket prices doesnt increase sales.. in fact reducing it to say $5-$9 would increase their sales 10 fold

and i know the licensing fees tak up a majority of the profits (thats why i refuse to go to opening screenings and wait a month, so the cinemas get more $$$)
refer to

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