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Comment: EC2 Anyone ? (Score 1) 353

by cullenfluffyjennings (#44190063) Attached to: MasterCard and Visa Start Banning VPN Providers

I think I can run an VPN head end on EC2 and I still seem to be able to pay for that with Visa. But who knows, I look forward to hearing more details about how widespread this is and what is going on. It is really really sad if any government is activity making it harder to use computers in a secure way.

Comment: Article is all FUD (Score 2) 165

This article was totally lacking in any useful facts about why CGN (Carrier Grade NAT) won't work just fine. As you can see today, lots of games and things like Skype manage just fine to talk to other devices that are also behind a NAT. One of the many ways they do it is ICE ( Most applications today are designed to work behind NATs, that is because most people are behind NATs. Sure, I wish I could wave a magic want and have everyone using v6 but articles like this that have no factual information on what the problem is or why don't help.

Comment: This is so confused I don't know where to start (Score 1) 442

by cullenfluffyjennings (#42542269) Attached to: The Trouble With 4K TV

4k video has 4 times as many pixels as 1080 video. At the most, it will need 4x the bandwidth? Do you really think that your future internet connection is not going to be 4 times faster than what we have today? In practice the similarity between pixels on typical 4k footage has less variation than HD resulting in better compression ratio and thus the actually bandwidth needed is less than 4x with the same codec. Codecs are also improving H.265 is much better than H.264.

Now lets discuss the size of the screen - Check out the pixels per inch for what apple would call a "retina" display. 4k video will look better even on a TV much smaller than sizes mentioned here.


Quadruped CHEETAH Robot To Outrun Any Human 177

Posted by samzenpus
from the robot-gorillas-to-hunt-the-robot-cats dept.
cylonlover writes "Robots are faster than humans at a lot of things, but up until now running hasn't been one of them. That is set to change with robotics company Boston Dynamics recently awarded a contract by DARPA to design and build a quadraped CHEETAH robot that is faster than any human. The contract also includes the creation of an agile, bipedal humanoid robot. It's hard to say which one might ultimately be creepier."
United Kingdom

Dogs Can Be Pessimistic 99

Posted by samzenpus
from the dog-in-black dept.
Not that it will change anything, but researchers at Bristol University say that your dog might be a gloom-monger. In addition to the downer dogs, the study also found a few that seemed happy no matter how uncaring the world around them was. "We know that people's emotional states affect their judgments and that happy people are more likely to judge an ambiguous situation positively. What our study has shown is that this applies similarly to dogs," said professor Mike Mendl, an author of the study and head of animal welfare and behavior at Bristol University.

Comment: Frustrated /. reader switches homepage to FOX (Score 4, Funny) 178

by cullenfluffyjennings (#33561292) Attached to: Frustrated Reporter Quits After Slow News Day

Ok, not really, even no news on slashdot is better than what they call news on some of those other sites. Seriously, credit to the Pia for making the point that saying nothing is better than just talking when you have nothing to say. Where was I again, yes, rambling on


Researchers Discover Irresistible Dance Moves 215

Posted by samzenpus
from the gene-gene-the-dancing-machine dept.
sciencehabit writes "To find out if certain dance moves are more attractive to women than others, researchers recruited a bunch of college guys and used motion-capture to create avatars of them dancing. When women watched the avatars (2 videos included in story), the men they found most attractive were those who kept their heads and torsos moving without flailing their arms and legs. The researchers say dancing is thus an honest signal to women of the man's strength and health, just as it is in crabs and hummingbirds, who also move in special ways to attract mates."

Medieval Copy Protection 226

Posted by samzenpus
from the thou-shall-write-your-own-book dept.
An anonymous reader writes "In medieval times a 'book curse' was often included on the inside cover or on the last leaf of a manuscripts, warning away anyone who might do the book some harm. Here's a particularly pretty one from Yale's Beinecke MS 214: 'In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. In the one thousand two hundred twenty-ninth year from the incarnation of our Lord, Peter, of all monks the least significant, gave this book to the [Benedictine monastery of the] most blessed martyr, St. Quentin. If anyone should steal it, let him know that on the Day of Judgment the most sainted martyr himself will be the accuser against him before the face of our Lord Jesus Christ.'"

+ - Skype 2.0.1 iPhone Update for iOS 4: Multitasking.-> 1

Submitted by muonzoo
muonzoo (106581) writes "Skype has released the updated version of their application for iOS 4 — now with support for multitasking.

Peter Parkes at Skype writes:

In May, we upgraded our iPhone app to allow users to make calls over 3G data connections. Today, I’m pleased to introduce a brand new version of the app. It allows you to make calls with high quality sound, and supports multitasking. This means you can receive Skype calls while other apps are running, even when your iPhone is locked. And during a call, you can keep the conversation going while you switch to another task, such as checking a movie listing or reading an email. We’ve also updated the app’s graphics to support iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

Download and release details are here at iTMS."
Link to Original Source

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