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Comment: Re:Just use Postgresql (Score 1) 336

by munro (#41034329) Attached to: Is MySQL Slowly Turning Closed Source?

I am interested in your claim that DB2 maybe does date maths bettert han PostgreSQL. I use both quite regularly and find DB2 to be clunkier, less consistent, weaker in its handling of timezones and missing all sorts of operations. But I am probably biased and possibly failing to research DB2 as thoroughly...


+ - Debian AMD64 ports use up MUCH more memory?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "For example, of Webmin uses up 3 times more ram, and cron constantly takes more than 10MB! From my understanding, 64bit is about longer bit lengths in load/store (Correct me if not true, I'm not good at these stuff).... The same applies to openssh-server and dropbear(a lightweight ssh2 server/client package), which use up to 10 times more ram... I've not run any benchmarks yet, but I believe the performance boost shouldn't exceed 5%... I'm using Debian distribution AMD64 port. The system is a fresh install. It makes me wonder, is this increased use of memory normal? If so, it seems not so wise to migrate to AMD64...?"

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