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Comment: Re:How about Android apps ? (Score 2) 179

by mulaz (#39042801) Attached to: Unauthorized iOS Apps Leak Private Data Less Than Approved Ones

There is an app called LBE security (or something simmilar, search for LBE), where you can give/take away permissions, and you can have the app prompt for some permissions ona per-use basis.

So, if angry birds wants location info, you get a pop-up, choose Don't allow (because it doesnt need it), mark 'remember', and continue playing.

The bigger question is, what data does the aplication itself send around, since it requires a rooted phone.

Comment: Re:Engineering Errors (Score 1) 215

by mulaz (#36006648) Attached to: VMware Causes Second Outage While Recovering From First

Have a scaled-down copy of the production network in a lab, with all the same settings (like VTP domain etc.), test weird things (like it's normally done in a lab enviroment), and get the rev. number up high.

Then some piece of production equipment fails, (let's say a switch), and why not take one (basically the same one) from the lab? The lab can wait for the replacement, production usually can not. Then plug the switch to the production network, and puff, there go the vlans!

Comment: Re:RouterStation Pro (Score 1) 344

by mulaz (#31973038) Attached to: Open Source Router To Replace WRT54GL?
Yes you can(*)(**) :)

*You can use quagga and it will work as a BGP router, if your (private) network uses BGP.
**If you want to use it as a core router: that's why I wrote "pretty much" before "anything"... But still, you can connect it as a core router... it would be interesting to see how long will it stay online, and how many routes can it recieve before it crashes :)

Comment: Re:Any Application they want to? (Score 1) 267

by mulaz (#30322710) Attached to: DS Flash Carts Deemed Legal By French Court

They don't have standing, as they do not hold any copyrights over that code

Why would they need it? If you go to the shop and buy, for example, a media/dvd/etc. player, which uses GPL code, you're entitled to get the source to the program. If the company doesnt give you the source, you could sue. Or can anyone prove me otherwise?

Comment: Re:It's the little things that impress (Score 1, Interesting) 68

by mulaz (#29703913) Attached to: Yale Physicists Measure 'Persistent Current'
If we study really small currents, and develop the technology around it, and bring the "normal" currents (~mA) down (to ~uA), a battery that today lasts 1 day (smartphone under heavy use), will last a 1000 times more (3 years).

Of course, this is true for logical circuits, etc... power used for example for (back)lightning can be brought down only by some level (not even close to uA), where we get close to 100% power->light output.

Comment: Re:Read Tesla & Heaviside from 100 years ago (Score 1) 243

by mulaz (#29405145) Attached to: Surprise Discovery In Earth's Upper Atmosphere
Google for "tesla energy transfer atmosphere" or "tesla atmosphere energy" (he said he knew how to collect energy from the atmosphere, and how to transfer it through it.... of course noone listenede, noone believed, and noone wanted to sponsor it.... and of course: "if there are no wires, where are you going to put the elecitrc counters?")

fist link i found and there are more

Comment: Owner bricking & selling process (Score 1) 250

by mulaz (#29395735) Attached to: Tracking Stolen Gadgets — Manufacturers' New Dilemma
Reading the comments, I saw two problems:
1: who can brick it
2: is it really stolen or just sold?

The best solution would be to track ownership online, and that every owner can (temporarily) brick and unbrick his device whenever he wants.
The second problem is dealing with reselling... This could be solved by using a two-part code. The seller would get a "sellers code" from amazon (apple,...), which he would give to the buyer at the time of selling (or even post it on the ebay page). The buyer would have to register the device in his name (as he has to do now), but the device wouldn't work without the sellers code. After the registration and entering the code, the new owner (only him) could un/brick the device whenever he wanted.

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