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Comment Re:Oh hell no ... (Score 2) 278

the Google On app and your OnHub do not track the websites you visit or collect the content of any traffic on your network

Well, that's two Alphabets down...

Also (from your link),

OnHub gathers information about your wireless environment. Your OnHub scans for other routers in the area and collects their MAC addresses and network names.

The real point is that all of this data goes somewhere, making it discoverable by... well, I'll leave it to your imagination.

Comment Re:Why is anyone still running Firefox? (Score 4, Insightful) 88

Why is anyone still running Firefox?

I haven't met a privacy concern I can't address yet with Firefox, whereas with Chrome I can only cover about 50% of the issues. I don't agree with the Set of Recent Distraction Additions, but with Firefox I can at least get robust control over every bit of my browsing experience. [NoScript, Cookie Whitelist, uMatrix, +hosts blacklist, in case you were curious. No Adblocker required.]

Comment Re:"Over-Fishing" in Advertising (Score 1) 351

I would order my marketing department to insist that any TV commercial from my company must not appear during the same commercial break as a product from a competing company.

This is actually supposed to happen; adjacent spots are supposed to be non-compete. You'll never see, for example, Mercedes & BMW commercials in the same national break.

Nor would I allow my commercials to appear within 15 minutes of another commercial break advertising products from a competing company.

15 minutes is an eternity, but you're more than welcome to buy all the spots to achieve this.

Comment Cause? (Score 1) 131

Dr. Grandin, thank you for taking the time to review these topics with us.

My question is in regards to what you might think the underlying cause of the sensory differences which manifest in young children which fall under the umbrella term autism could possibly be.

I have two boys who have been diagnosed on the spectrum, and each is very different. One is now 13 and falls under a more classic "Aspergers"/PDD/NOS classification. He seems to respond to light medications for managing his anxiety; he plays the violin and is branching into screenwriting and the computer animation necessary to realize his dreams. He is mainstreamed in school, with only one "special" elective. His younger brother is twelve, and is markedly different. Although he is rather close to nonverbal, he has a much easier time socially than his brother, because he doesn't manifest the social anxiety of his brother. He is physically active, sometimes to the extreme, climbing trees as high as they go, running track in middle school, and being generally boyishly adventurous. Yet he is barely literate, and undergoes physical discomfort when asked to read, even for a short time. He is in the "ILC" center for most of the school day.

Having watched these two very different brothers very close in age grow over the past 13 years has given me a great curiousity as to how their differences are expressed. With your attention here, I wondered if you might have any biological theories as to what the differences are in the various manifestations of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Comment Comfort vs. Discipline (Score 1) 131

Dr. Grandin, thank you for taking the time to review these topics with us.

My question is regarding the notion that some behavior therapists have with respect to never taking a child out of their comfort zone; that is, some therapists seem to explicitly avoid emotional discomfort, "work" etc. I would ask you whether or not your experiences would support this type of therapy, or whether you see some benefit for children undergoing therapies to be pushed and challenged outside of their comfort zone?

Comment Re:I prefer Google TV! (Score 1) 133

It appears to be mostly designed for people who have collections of movies stored locally, or on a NAS. If I'm missing something, let me know, but that is what I saw.

On the contrary, it is mostly designed to install additional 3rd party "channels" by which you can stream anything from any of the various quasi-legal sources across the entire internet, including live news & sports.

The local network file playback is merely a small subset of what can be done with the right add-on to Kodi.

Comment Re:I lost interest when I saw brisket (Score 1) 149

at least 12 hours

I can only do a smallish (7-9 pound) brisket this way due to space considerations, but I've discovered that 48 hours in apple cider vinegar, flipping every 12, can cut the time-to-perfect-brisket down to 6-8 hours. The ACV also gives the meat just a hint of tang, no sauce needed.

Comment Re:Oh boy! (Score 1) 172

But if I open more than one or two Amazon tabs, even if that's all I have open, life slows to a crawl and my Firefox CPU usage goes to 101% of one CPU core.

Out of curiosity, does your clean install involve re-installing an adblocker? iFrames are a known problem, and I'd bet that Amazon is framing in content from sponsors, modules, etc and it would make one's adblocking extensions go nuts.

One man's experience: I run NoScript, a cookie whitelister, and I've recently added uMatrix on top of both of those; and I'm not breaking 9% cpu with 5 different Amazon tabs open (FF38.0.5). I also run MVPS Hosts and some others.

Comment Just... don't. (Score 1) 1067

You're asking about redefining what division means. Dividing by zero means taking the original term and putting it into ZERO groups. That is not defined. It's that simple. Now, I'm the type of person who'll discuss this, but you've not really given any reason for it to be defined as the quantity zero, so here's your chance.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.