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Comment Re:There's an add-on for that.. (Score 1) 350


I haven't updated to 44 yet, but 43, uMatrix ("nothing 3rd party"), NoScript ("nothing, at all") is as fine-grained as you can ask for. Oh, I suppose I also have hosts & fw blacklists, too. The only way they keep track of me is browser-uniqueness, and I'm fine with that, under the way the current Infotainment Industrial Complex functions.

Comment I'm detecting high concentrations of naivete... (Score 2) 825


Twitter is certainly obligated to apply the rules that they do have in an evenhanded manner.

"Obligated?" Is this the very first case of self-interested hypocrisy you've ever encountered?

In grown-up land, individuals (and corporate individuals, naturally) don't have to enforce their rules. Governments can be sued to act, but individuals don't have such an affirmative obligation; suits are filed the other way; that is, if Trump felt he was being censored unfairly, he might have a course of action, but YOU do not have such a remedy when YOU want a term-of-service applied to someone else.

Comment Re:This model excludes tacit conspiracies (Score 1) 303

After all quite a large number of the general population believed that the NSA was snooping on its own citizens, but there was no supporting evidence for it.

I'd say there was no direct evidence, but plenty of circumstantial evidence including historical disclosures of obseleted wiretapping programs. It was really a thought-experiment how deeply everything was being tracked, not the mere fact of the tracking.

Comment Re:And... (Score 2) 139

I see what you did there...

...and it makes me want to talk about how creating a "Book of Law" propagated the "Rules Lawyers", how publishing a 'zine and charging mimeograph money was a better environment for creative play than selling a million copies and having it adopted as some kind of standard, and maybe how rules meant for fair war gaming between equivalent sides really have no place in a roleplaying game...

...but that's kind of depressing, so never mind.

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