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Comment: Re:Out of curiosity (Score 1) 290

by mujadaddy (#49786393) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

consume the services of sites that run them

I made a request for some HTML from one domain.

why do you freeload?

I'm cheap. And paranoid.

If you like something you support it, right?

Not particularly financially, no. See above.

but still want it to be there tomorrow for them

I want a lot of things.

who do you think pays the bills on sites?

Obviously, self-evidently, I don't care about the financing of my diversions, or I'd have ads turned on. You're not very good at this.

Who do you think puts the work in?

H1B's? Am I close?

Do you get paid for doing YOUR job?

The website I develop for actually sells a product.

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