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Comment: Look (Score 1) 681

I didn't mind the start screen as much as everybody else. I didn't like it, but I could work with it. The problem I had with 8 is that, when I tried to customize my desktop to fit my uses and upgrade everything, something would inevitably break along the way. I could be a day, a week, even a month invested in the operating system, but then something would break. But in a way that would make it impossible for my system to actually start. I want to like the new things, Microsoft, but I can't just leave it be and hope it works for the best.

Comment: This is About Knowledge, Not Belief (Score 1) 772

by mugetsu37 (#47108081) Attached to: Belief In Evolution Doesn't Measure Science Literacy
It seems to me that the article is more an attack on the wording of the exam because it's an ambiguous question that asks the test taker to guess at what the makers of the test want to hear, not whether the answer is true or not. If the same article were written attacking the wording of a test at a conservative high school in the American south, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the opinions posted here would swing the other way, attacking the test makers themselves for expecting an answer with a religious base. By putting the words "According to the theory of evolution," at the front, the rewording is measuring the test taker's breadth of scientific knowledge, not whether the test taker actually believes any part of it. Hence, literacy: "Competence or knowledge in a specified area." (OED)

Comment: Game Prices are High? (Score 1) 423

by mugetsu37 (#39751407) Attached to: If You Resell Your Used Games, the Terrorists Win
They're lower than ever! In the 90's you would spend the same amount of money on a game, $50-$60, that you spend now. Video games are one of the few things that inflation has barely touched, which is probably why the industries crying over not being able to stuff their coffers. Even consoles were selling for close to what they cost now, what with the SNES and Genesis costing around $200, the Playstation around $300, and the Saturn around $400. It's not used games that are killing the market, if anything it's a market that hasn't changed in almost 20 years that's killing it.

Comment: Use Their Own Work (Score 0) 430

by mugetsu37 (#37282712) Attached to: How Do You Explain Software Development To 2nd Graders?
See if they've been working on any group projects of their own and try to relate it that way. Then you needn't worry about introducing a new system, rather show how it would work in your world. My dad was able to explain it to me when I was that young, there's no reason another second grader would be unable to understand the concept.

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