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Comment: Re:Worldwide death toll (Score 1) 218

by much noisier (#35139196) Attached to: Oxford University Tests Universal Flu Vaccine
I didn't say anything about a divide along wealth lines - however, I can accept that there might exist such a systematic bias, if it turns out the ratio of rich people's deaths to poor people's deaths is higher for car accidents. It isn't directly relevant to whether or not I'd like to save the people, though.

Comment: Re:Worldwide death toll (Score 3, Insightful) 218

by much noisier (#35134018) Attached to: Oxford University Tests Universal Flu Vaccine
I don't seek to undermine your important point, but I'd prefer to prevent all fatalities from traffic accidents. The people who die in car crashes probably have a better average quality of life and higher average remaining life expectancy than the typical person who dies of flu.

Comment: Re:Religiosity gene? (Score 2) 729

by much noisier (#35048424) Attached to: Model Says Religiosity Gene Will Dominate Society
It's not always a disadvantage when the men do express the gene. According to this theory (which is one of many), the women with gay brothers can use the brother as a surrogate father, so this gene is advantageous in a society where there is not a good chance of the father sticking around. Alternatively, it lets the women pursue genetically strong men without considering that they will not stick around, something women with straight brothers or no brothers cannot do. This is not the evidence for genetic homosexuality; this is a theory which could explain that evidence. There certainly is evidence of genetic predisposers to homosexuality on the X-chromosome and elsewhere, though.

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