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Comment Re:Are we supposed to be more concerned? (Score 1) 83

Fish & Wildlife/DNR makes sense. Most of the time its one person in a remote area which is both taking care of the area and also enforcing law. Furthermore given the environment, protection is needed from the very resources they are protecting. It makes perfect sense to have them armed and empowered.

As for most of the others, I agree they should leverage the FBI or other proper enforcement agencies.

Comment Re:Not the technology (Score 1) 369

Further more, I can hold my Kindle, tablet, phone, etc, in my hands or lap....as long as it's powered off. I can also wear ear plugs at any point. So none of this has to do with "stuff flying around the cabin" or "being able to hear". It has to do with "oh no, the plane will blow up if you don't turn off your phone!"

Comment W series is the last line? (Score 1) 271

Having owned multiple Thinkpads, starting with the 600e, the new T431 is very disheartening. I have a W520 and I am hoping they leave the W line alone.

I absolutely LOVE the grouped F-keys, beveled keys, dual "mouse buttons" and dual pointer control. I just hope they don't cheap out and turn the chassis into a piece of fragile plastic.


Submission + - Google Lattitude outage affecting Blackberry users, possibly others (google.com)

mtmra70 writes: Starting March 8th, Blackberry users have been unable to log into Google Latitude. A rather lengthy thread can be found on Google Groups, with only one Google employee acknowledging the issue. Many users have reported that their non-Blackberry devices are also being affected, some who lost all their latitude friends.

The issue is being reported globally and seems to affect version 4.x of Google Maps. Some users have found a workaround by installing version 3.x, but the overall unrest in the discussion thread is growing.

Comment Re:The problem is Windows 8 (Score 1) 913

Agreed. I purchased a HP printer about a year ago and downloaded just the driver for windows. Works great.

To get it working on my MBP I had to go through a bunch of hoops and select a funky model printer to get it to work. It works great, until OSX does its periodic check. About once every 3 weeks OSX will prompt me to download and install the 400MB "driver"....and there is no way to permanently dismiss this annoying update which I do not want to receive (unlike Windows updates where you can dismiss forever).

Comment Re:That is not the problem with Amazon (Score 1) 222

My mortgage company has a similar jacked up login process.

Like a lot of places, they have you answer some pretty mind numbing security questions after typing in your user name and password. If you don't remember the security answer you can hit the "I forgot" button. What then happens is shocking - it takes you to a screen to reset the answers. Why in the world do you ask security questions after a user/pass auth if the same info lets you reset them?!!?

And the real kicker. When you want to make a PAYMENT they ask you the last four of your SSN. Who on earth asks for info like that when handing them money???? I could understand withdrawing money....but depositing money?? O_o

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