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Comment: Same Stuff Different Company. (Score 1) 234

by mt2mb4me (#47564867) Attached to: Comcast Confessions
OK, this is nothing new, as an EX employee of an American telephone/telegraph company. The first person you talk to is a "customer service and SALES" every time you call in, and their system is "Running Slow" they are looking at your account to "Bundle" a solution to your problem. Bundle = bamboozle. The reps make over half their income from commission, this is "Customer service" not outbound sales. It is the way business is done anymore.

Comment: Re:Communication is more than syntax (Score 1) 219

by mt2mb4me (#47350195) Attached to: Facebook's Emotion Experiment: Too Far, Or Social Network Norm?
The whole concept of "News Feed" is that they aggregate all the posts of your friends to best suit you. People who didn't want to see negative messages all the time could freely choose not to follow their Debbie Downers (I sure did). Unless Facebook said, "We know this is going to make you feel bad" and then presented it to you anyways, they are in the clear. This is a free service, you can choose to get your stories in timeline format instead of "news feed" format. How would they know what you want to see, it is as arbitrary as any other choosing method. They could choose to only show you things they think would piss you off in your "news feed" it is their prerogative.

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