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Comment I bet they last for a week. (Score 1) 144

Of course they did. They haven't made a stable product yet. Anyone who disagrees must not use their computer much. Anyone who moves lots of data around (video editors, Photoshopers, music makers, etc) Knows the OCZ name is absolute shite. I have been building PC's since the 7th grade 80386 FTW. I build custom machines for artists (Video production, DSLR Photography, Sound Studios) and work for a small company that is a 3rd party maintenance company for storage arrays. Toshiba isn't known for it's reliability either, I replace every toshiba drive in the office PC with a Hitachi or Seagate drive off our parts shelf. I bought OCZ Vertex, and OCZ Vector for different clients. They were also used here, and in my home PC. They all failed, and some when they came back "fixed" they still would only work for a week before failing again. This is keeping up with firmware updates. These SSDs are the WORST hands down. I have used brand X drives with more reliability. Now everything is Samsung PRO if the drive is getting used and not just holding mostly static data.

Comment Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1) 204

Exactly. Not to mention they were recently selling max level characters for something or other. So it's ok if Blizztard sells you cheats, but not so if a Chinese entrepreneur does the same thing...? Right. At least EVE Online is honest in its own corruption.

100K is a good start - only 7 million to go. Then other mmorpgs might come out from under the shadow of the worst mmo to ever excrete itself onto a finite market. To think, this drek keeps on going & going, whereas innovative, quality mmos like CoX go under. At least there's the likes of GW2 - B2P - buy once, play forever.

IF GW2 had half the story writing team of WoW, I might have made it more than 2 hours before going, Gee, this grind is way too boring. I really don't care what is going on right now.

Comment Re: Privacy? (Score 1) 776

“No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.” (1933, Statement on National Industrial Recovery Act) --FDR So your pie-in-the-sky gas attendant metaphor is false. That job in today's dollars would be making $21.50/hour. But in reality it pays $8 + tips

Comment Re:Privacy? (Score 1, Insightful) 776

First of all, you must have been around in the 1960's when you could get a full-time factory job and that would pay for college. That doesn't exist on either side. There are no good paying factory jobs, and even if there were, You still can't afford college. You are right, we pay more for our education system than anyone else, but that is a misleading statistic. We are the largest 1st world country, so we will spend more money on our schooling just due to salary. There are inefficiencies, but the real reason we are behind everyone else is time. We are the only nation that takes summers off. So when we graduate from High school we have 2 years less schooling than a student abroad. You are right, money doesn't solve problems, it just repairs buildings, buys desks, pays for art and sport programs, buys books, pays for teachers and bussing, but fuck all that, we need to spend that money elsewhere. The kids can sit around the fire while their pastor tells them what's best. These damn entitled kids. I would also like you to cite some resources on where the "poorest students are often times the best" From my experience, working poor families have either single parent, or dual employed parent situations. Usually working shitty shifts that don't allow them the time to work with their kids. If you are rich you can afford a tutor and a doctor, if you are poor, you just get labeled as dumb.

Comment Same Stuff Different Company. (Score 1) 234

OK, this is nothing new, as an EX employee of an American telephone/telegraph company. The first person you talk to is a "customer service and SALES" every time you call in, and their system is "Running Slow" they are looking at your account to "Bundle" a solution to your problem. Bundle = bamboozle. The reps make over half their income from commission, this is "Customer service" not outbound sales. It is the way business is done anymore.

Comment Re:Communication is more than syntax (Score 1) 219

The whole concept of "News Feed" is that they aggregate all the posts of your friends to best suit you. People who didn't want to see negative messages all the time could freely choose not to follow their Debbie Downers (I sure did). Unless Facebook said, "We know this is going to make you feel bad" and then presented it to you anyways, they are in the clear. This is a free service, you can choose to get your stories in timeline format instead of "news feed" format. How would they know what you want to see, it is as arbitrary as any other choosing method. They could choose to only show you things they think would piss you off in your "news feed" it is their prerogative.

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