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Comment: Re:Google bar kills my FF3 (Score 2, Informative) 164

by mstrom (#23490848) Attached to: Let Older Add-Ons Work With Firefox 3.0

Recovery is to delete the plugin, something like this:


Ouch,manual removal of add-ons :(

Simpler way is to start Firefox in safe mode which has an option to disable all addons on startup, after which it can be uninstalled from within firefox safely.

firefox -safe-mode if my memory serves


+ - Google Code Search now indexes the web->

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mstrom writes: "Google Code Search (launched last October) now searches code snippets found anywhere on the web. While it previously searched only known code hosting sites such as, it now will index code mentioned in tutorials, online forums or any web site, meaning it will be much easier to find code examples for virtually any API. Rivals such as Koders and Codase allow more structured search, allowing searches by programming constructs such as methods or classes, but Google remains unique in allowing freeform regexp (Regular Expression) searches for ultimate flexibility. Now if only Google would allow full regexp search on the entire web ..."
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