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Comment Reading glasses (Score 1) 197

After reading (with my reading glasses) all of the comments here proposing complicated and expensive monitor and software solutions, I would like to suggest that you just get a pair of reading glasses. The are designed to magnify things at close distance. You should adjust the distance to your monitor to about 18" which is the focal length of most reading glasses.
Reading glasses are cheap and come in magnifications of 1.5 to 2.75.

Comment Ground truth (Score 1) 119

I live near a large lake which has a number of buoys which sense temperature and water quality. NASA (JPL) uses this "ground truth" to calibrate their satellites temperature readings, etc.
Sounds like they need to do some "ground truth" for Greenland to recalibrate things.

Comment Re:Science is Settled (Score 1) 319

The science is settled, the climate is warming.
Of course, the effects of a warming climate on the sea, land, fish, animals, etc. is being studied and the effects are not always clear and obvious.
This result is interesting and not obvious. If the Antarctic is actually contributing 0.23mm a year to sea level falling, then other areas such as Greenland are contributing more to sea level rise. It is clear that the sea level is rising about 3.2mm a year. This is not in dispute except for the flat earth folks. It's only a matter of teasing out the components.
Long term, sea level rise will make many coastal areas uninhabitable. Best to plan accordingly.

Neutrinos have bad breadth.