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Comment: Don't forget the animal feed... (Score 1) 136

by mspohr (#48851961) Attached to: Drug Company CEO Blames Drug Industry For Increased Drug Resistance

This sounds like a big problem but beyond the manufacturing plants, about 80% of all antibiotics are fed to animals to make them grow faster (more profits) and these also end up in rivers all over the world. Also, animal farms are incubators for drug resistant bacteria.

Comment: Re:Heard of Keurig? (Score 2) 70

by mspohr (#48839587) Attached to: Andy Wolber Explores Online Word Processors' ODF Support

I had a Keurig but got tired of buying expensive coffee that was ground and packaged months (years?) earlier... especially once they started raising the prices of the pods. I gave the machine away and replaced it with a good coffee grinder, an AeroPress (and a nice pump espresso machine)... much better coffee and much cheaper. The AeroPress is just as fast (if somewhat messier) than the pod machine.

Comment: Drug dealer business model (Score 5, Insightful) 124

by mspohr (#48746599) Attached to: Toyota Opens Patents On Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The fine print on this announcement is that the patents are not really free. You have to apply and be accepted to the program (serious contenders need not apply?) and the royalty-free license period only goes to 2020. This is just enough time to develop and start producing something and then you can get hit with big royalty payments.
This is sucker bait.

Comment: Re:Don't mess with my jetset lifestyle (Score 2) 232

by mspohr (#48726615) Attached to: Aircraft Responsible For 2.5% of Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Globalism hasn't worked out so well for the U.S. Corporations have transferred a lot of skilled manufacturing jobs to low wage countries with fewer pollution controls and then ship finished goods back to the U.S. (creating more pollution). The result has been that the well paying manufacturing jobs have disappeared and everybody is working at Walmart for minimum wage selling cheap shit from China.
Globalization increases pollution and lowers living standards in developed countries. In low wage countries, they have more pollution. Wealthy people just buy more cheap shit, creating more pollution.
The only comparative advantage corporations exploit is their ability to drive down wages and not pay for their pollution.

Comment: Re: Don't mess with my jetset lifestyle (Score 1) 232

by mspohr (#48726581) Attached to: Aircraft Responsible For 2.5% of Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Why do you want to go to London?
Really, a lot of air travel is unnecessary... even a lot of "necessary" air travel is unnecessary.
If the price were higher to pay for the negative externalities of air travel, there would be a lot less unnecessary air travel.
If you have an economy built on pollution (i.e. Hawaii), maybe you need to think different.
OTOH, Elon Musk thinks electric airplanes are possible. They would have the potential to reduce pollution.

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